Monday, June 9, 2008

A Summer Ago

The summer '07 had me here in Michigan for a little while. GV was coming back from the eastcoast and spent a couple weeks back in our home town Berrien Springs Michigan. This place is known for several things, but the most celebrated part about our area during the summer is going to the beach! We gots 5 lakes yo! woot woot!! Beach time includes: Kites, Swimming, Tanning, Building Sandcastles, Good tunes on the radio, Walks on the Pier, Vespers etc.

One such summer day an excursion was taken to the beach.
Oh and it was Ben Bloods first time to Lake Michigan, it was really special!

The photos below are the documentary taken by Aaron Moushon!


Why do I look so hard?

Papa Moushon!

Sandcastle Strategists

Blowing bubbles!

The Sandcastle




Matthew said...

1) Vanja's arm is really pretty.
2) You had super long hair. I almost forgot that...
3) Ammiel still had her white glasses! Signature.
4) Your friend reminds me of Groban with his hair. I like it.
5) I'm glad Andrews is close to the beach. Thanks for the reminder...

Matthew said...

P.S. - Yves passed away eight days ago. You think we can get Ammiel to screen us some remembrance YSL shirts in honor of the late designer? Hmmm...

Sarah Jane said...

Some great shots. Love the beach! Tommy with long hair: woah. Can't wait to hit the beach now....thanks for sharing.