Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I really really like it when my friends blog. ESPECIALLY the ones that don't live near me. Ahem..cough cough. Don't check out, check in! I need some deets from those i don't share the same postage codes with, know what i'm sayin'?

So yeah, just sayin' to all my peeps on my list, share already. I miss your thoughts, you contribute to my world, and i would like more.


Snap! I want this done for my cycle!


Tony Kevin has been giving some opportunities to get the rust out of my design joints and i greatly appreciate it! The above is for his EP release that i'm bitter about missing. Why do i have to be pursuing GV musical career at the same time!! ( Kidding boys, love doing so with you)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This totally inspired me today!
I kinda want one, maybe?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009


My Papa was the one who introduced a lot of new music to me growing up. He took me to my first rock show -> Aerosmith and bought me new albums as the artists released them. The first videos i watched on MTV were of Pearl Jams Ten record, Jeremy, Alive, Oceans, These in my mind as a youngin' were instantly amazing. I was seeing music as raw and a vessel to digest/process emotions.

I can remember seasons of my life around Pearl Jam record releases ex: Vs. my summers in Arizona, No Code. My summer in Alaska, Yield. ending my sophomore yr and getting to know Jesus personally. Now with this release I'm in a new marvelous place, pursuing my 2 passions of music and art with my best friends Tric, Bruce, & Mike, Vanja is in Seattle ( happy 1 yr anniversary for moving out here!) so no more long distance, I have my own room again!, i have a steady job, these are all really good things that require a lot of me and test and push me, and its nice to have another Pearl Jam record to be the backdrop for such goodness as so many before have been.

Thanks Papa for keeping me current with music and believing that i can do music with my life. I Love You! I sure hope i can get Eddie Vedder to sing on a song i write one day, What a full circle that would be :D


PDX time was so so good :D I could easily get used to having these loverly people in my life everyday. Eric & Hollin a couple of gems, and all the Canby crew,Seth Martin, so much love. These people and many else give me a glimpse of Heaven and New Jerusalem .

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

phenomenal hand clap band

, i just got this record after hearing their live performance on KEXP. SO good, check out le grand crus' blog for a full run down and video for em, amazin!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


HORRAH! My pals are engaged!

Friday, September 18, 2009


The end of last week i was at my friends Adam & Diannas' weddin' which was amazin and ya'll should look forward to the craft of Ben Blood revealing the Brit spirit that was present. I'll just show an amazing shirt that one of the grooms men was wearing, apparently his sister got it at TJmax for him! SO GOOD

After recovering from the festivities of the weekend we relaxed by making a short film called 'Attack of the alien meteor' in our garage :D Ben, Nicole & Dallas, Tric and I. You can watch it on trics blog.

Later that night Ben and I met up with Casey & Brian of Paper Astronomer to watch a documentary on 3 guitar legends, YOWZAH, it was crazy inspiring. YUM. I wrote a bit more on the garagevoice blog if you want to know more.

I ended this week today with a long trip to Ikea with 2 of my favorite peoples Ben & Vanja. I have a new plant that is yellow spotted to join my other blades-o-plenty plant :D. I also scored some sweet thicker than normal tea candles :D i love me my mood lighting!

After the non-sense of traffic we decided that coffee at Victrolas on 15th was the best way to unwind, but not before stopping by Sonic Boom for a peek at what was in. To my joy i found one of my top ten records of all time on vinyl! BECK : SEACHANGE I can't wait to listen to it on record, so perfect for vinyl. Vanja found the new Cave Singers who we are currently really stoked on! There first record is so terrific that the follow up has to be as well...right?! Ben scored an Sir Elton John rarities record that i've never seen, on which Sir EJ covers J.Fogherty, Cat Stevens, Sir Paul McCartney and others...thats gonna be an amazing listen.

After our treasure find we made are way to Victrola and savored some drinks. The barista taught me the pattern of my shirt ( i can't remember the word now..DANG!) and as she did this i saw this amazing little note on the register:

Heck yeah! I think this is an amazing statement for a city culture that tends to cater on closing in on yourself from everyone around you. Hurrah Victrola, you know where its at!

Vanja and i went to vespers at Yasis casa (who led out ! ) and got our "chat and hang out" on.


Das iz all for diz veek!

Thank you iphone for your grainy pics, you own!

I have some silly links in this post.
Check em out :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nicholas II

I think i'd like to have an album cover look just like this. Up above is the last of the Russian Tzars, Nicholas II

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


KIDS-> in celebration of 09.09.09 Threadless is having a 9$ sale :D huhzah! Get loaded up, i'd much rather ya'll pick up LGC threads, but if you ALREADY have all of em, stop by and get some threadless on. THIS here is the one i snagged :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


AHhh...nothing makes me feel more safe than a 600 lb bomb on the border. "Honey, is that a elephant in the yard? No dear, thats just a 600 lb bomb, it's there for our protection"

How this is written sets my mind a wild! I see this HUGE insect minding his own business and boom! gets hit by this tourist boat, he/she sits up dizzy from the smack and stables itself on the bow of the boat and then tosses his cookies on the panicked passengers. The papers later spin the story saying that this newly discovered insect ran into them not the other way around.

How long will this take to transition? Good time to be in the insurance bizness and auto repair.


Vanja has been in Seattle for almost a yr now, a yr without a real bed! TODAY that got solved by the kindness of a friend and the aid of IKEA!

Mattress: CHECK
Mattress Frame: CHECK

This afternoon was full of building and the reward of stroganoff & vanilla ice cream was poifect! We decided at the end of the day if we could survive building IKEA stuff we could have a shot at AMAZING RACE!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


CASEY did this of me using coffee and black water color :D
He calls me T-bone. NICE


While getting the supplies for dinner tonight at the grossly overpriced QFC we headed out and walked by this manly gent with a frowny face and walk to match. As our paths journeyed to intersect i made sure not to make eye contact, but as soon as i passed him i took a closer gander and saw a cuddly, soft glow, rounded edge outline of a unicorn head on his bicep. NICE.



AND Vanjas amazing signature salad :D
A perfect Friday evening dinner.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cory Chisel ladies and gentlemen

I can't stop listening to this song, so ya'll should get it stuck in your head as well!