Wednesday, November 17, 2010


TK JR. & Pablo Trucker asked me to do a poster for their Conor Byrne show this Friday! TK said 'it can be very simple, even just type' so I dove head first. I've been using this great industrial era font Bebas Neue on a couple pieces and it fit for what I was goin for. I wanted a worn/old type/heritage piece. I tattered the letters, put a dusk version of the red/blues for the USA heritage feel, and then stacked the 2 names in alternating form to give a cohesive element of how their live show will be like. Both bands are working on new material and I'm excited for it to go public!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010


Amanda DuFord's album release show is this evening. I'm proud to see her commitment begin its payoff tonight. Patrick & Bruce of Garage Voice will be backing her up at this special show and I'll be opening the night with the assistance of some of my favorite people. Casey from Paper Astronomer will join me with guitar & vocals, Will Frei on picking guitar and his wife Tina Frei who shares the title of my favorite female vocal with Gemma Hayes. These 3 gifted friends of mine are about to have some significant changes in their lives that may alter Thomas Carr Stiles a bit, so I decided to do an old type poster for myself to remember this show by in remembrance of them

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NO THEFT x Paper Astronomer

Paper Astronomer has a couple more shows before the years end so for 2 of them I decided to do a 4th grader paper construction series. They make me think of old posters of space that I use to have on my walls :) I designed, cut these out, and had VANJA. shoot/edit all together in less than 24 hrs. I love when projects are effortless!

I've included a couple of zoom ins so you can see how that paper lifts. It was a blast and turned out just how I desired. The space ship required a LOT of x-acto knife patience that my cramping hands have scorned.

Paper Astronomer is the best unknown band in Seattle. Their show at Chop Suey last week is in my TOP TEN best live performances ever. Go see them while it's not expensive too. I'll see you there! I like seeing them together to :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thomas Adam Moffitt

Every week I look at Boston globes incredible photo coverage of whats happening in this world. I was scanning thru their latest post on the currents of Afghanistan and was chilled by this picture of Thomas Adam Moffitt. His stoic face with pimples, short hair cut, in his best uniform with the colors behind him made me think of my brother Zachary who is in the service. It looked just like him and the more I look at this picture the more I see my brothers face. Thomas Adam Moffitt died a week ago in Afghanistan at the age of 21. My brother just turned 21.

It's an emotional aching swirl that tugs at so many strings of life, belief, ethics, family. I grow weary of the heightened fear of terrorism thats mass distributed by every outlet, I don't want to see this face above and not be moved. I don't want to feel casual about death in any of its avenues. I don't want to feel that the death of any one is acceptable.