Friday, December 26, 2008


I would love this to be my outfit right now :D
for $370 it could all be mine...Moo-hahahaha

I TAG: BEN,MYOUNG,VANJA and anyone else
who would like to join the outfitting! Go to urban
, click photos of diff. items for your outfit,
and then open them on your screen and screen capture!
Add clever captions to your items and final price tag!


I really really like Paul MCartney. I would like to meet him one day and just play guitars together and write a slew of songs. I have a song i'm still working on called 'apostle & friend' and its about Paul the apostle and Paul Mcartney. It's a tip of the hat to them both and how i've enjoyed their thoughts/music/direction. I'll release it one day on my own stuff, but thats not why i'm writing this post. Paul teamed up with producer Youth for their 3rd collaboration under the name 'The Fireman' and it's mighty terrific! YUM! There's an excellent aggressive song called 'Nothing too much, just out of sight' D'lish folks! You can listen to their new record in its entirety on their myspace page or at their home page. Listen away! Paul did the artwork for the record as well, its like 5 yr old paintings.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Animals of the Proper World

I thoroughly like this gents work! Such noble creatures!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

In The Works

A bit of a grand idea i'm working on, i hope i do Rembrandt proud!


Sufjan Stevens has been busy working with artists from his label Asthmatic Kitty Records and has recently helped produce/arrange tunes from a band called "The Welcome Wagon" and is comprised of a husband and wife duo and get this, the husband is a Presbyterian Pastor?! They follow their predecessor duos, White Stripes, Mates of State, Sonny & Cher, J Cash & June, Deff. feels like a Sufjan vein minus his voice. Their new album 'Welcome to the Welcome Wagon' is
out now and you should take a listen. Take a listen HERE. Has lots of vocals, guitars and banjos plucking, and sounds a little like Sufjans Michigan record. See watcha think!

Also this kid i just discovered today Jayme Stone plays some amazing banjo and has a record dedicated to some sweet african heritage! listen HERE. I really dig the art work done by Red Silas as well, YUM!

Peeps i think who will like this: Karli, Vanja, Yasi, Ben the Blood,

Karli has made a swell Christmas record with her pal Caroline and its FREE! You must go and download and then crank it up while having hot drinks around Christmas lights in that nice warm glow...MMMmmm.. go HERE to download it!

My friend Noah Gundersen has also released several holiday tunes with my new friend Seth Martin and you can get their christmas record at their shows or hear some of the songs from their site on the myspace. My favorite tunes off it is their version of "War is Over" & "Holy Night" is so terrific! so listen HERE & HERE


I just found this this morning and i'm completely mad about it! TWO of my favorites together in one studio jamming together on each others tunes???!!!! I'm doing everything in my power to get it. BOOKER T & CCR? WOW, i'm seriously in shock, this is SO AMAZING!!! Maybe one of the best finds ever!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


"If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you,"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh, How You Please Me

Joyeux Noel from LGC

au revoir

WOW, Laces!

STARKS is making some sick shoe laces, checkered? Houndstooth? Dots? How sweet huh? :D They come in 2 sizes ''45 & ''54 and are 6,8, and 10 dollars. I think they are a perfect little christmas present for peeps you luv but don't have the cash to show em' HOW much you love em' :D THATS TOTALLY ME! (said in the Blooms brother voice) check em' out

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Heels scuffing wood floors, 2 morning voices, logs splitting, " The coffee's done", door open,black lab scuffling on the same wood floors, ripping paper, dog howls, door shut, more heel scuffing.
These are the noises that made me stretch for the time.

It's still dark out side, why are people up in the house? It's our second morning of being up this early to the growing familiar sounds here in Spokane. It is a luxury to be in a town you don't live in and know that at the last minute you can call upon a friend and explain your neediness and their reply to your need is great generosity. 2 of our friends Jared and Levy are up this early feeding the fire of the fire place to get the house warm and I am rebuked in my early rise annoyance. I gather any long sleeves i can find and join them in the 4 chairs that face each other around the fire. My eyes then transform these men into warriors as I see them both holding open the word, licking fingers to change pages, finding any pieces of paper to write words down, as the light of heaven floods their soul to make obvious the voice they cling to in the surrender of their day. I'm stirred greatly and then am shown how to prepare the next logs to keep the fire going in their absence, like i'm entrusted with a sacred duty to preserve the life giving comfort of warmth. Testosterone begets testosterone and now I'm awake to the same draw that stirred these warriors at such an early hour

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Salted Cocoa, Peppermint Mocha, Hot Carmel Cider

Who's with me?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Face History

I was looking through old iphoto booth shots tonight and discovered
these gems! I guess I used to make this face a lot and when I did
others joined me. From Left to Right:

Mike Young (little did we know then that we'd be in the same
state pursuing our dreams)

Josh Price ( kid/still hero of mine)

Uncle Tommy ( yup folks, it's genetic! I'm not adopted! )

Click on the picture above for bigger view, then drag it onto
your desktop. From there you'll want to find the best
print size suitable for your space. Print, frame, laugh.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tis the Season for TYPE!

For the past 2 years GV has posted a silly song for Christmas.
Last year it was 'Silver Bells' and this year its a cover of
Coldplays' Violet Hill but with diff. words for a Christmas feel.
This year we are making a special 5x7 postcard featuring a tag
team between Patrick and I! Tric drew us GV boys out and I did
the type treatment for front & back. For the first time in my
design work I used masking! I used several different watercolor
washes behind the font to tie it into the drawings that Patrick did.
For the back I did a special type spread of the angels message to
the shepards and again using the masking thing. I also included
the image of the star from a picture I took from the Macy's
building down town.

I'm scared of becoming addicted to masking!

Here's the front and the type treatment that will be on the back!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This is all i've been listening to.
Raconteurs -> Consolers of the Lonely
Chris Thile -> The Deceiver
White Stripes -> Icky Thump
MGMT -> Oracular Spectacular
Beck -> Modern Guilt
The Black Keys -> Thick Freakness

Monday, December 1, 2008


I just finished this poster for a GV show at the Q Cafe coming up
here in Seattle. It's very font driven :D horrah! i heart fonts.
I also kinda based it around an English Tea bag of sorts.
This might be the most proper thing I've created before.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Latest in Snaps

Le Grand Cru had some amazing times working on the BLOG that will
be released sometime in December over in Walla Walla with one of
my hero's Dallas Reedy. He's genius at fonts,web, humor, drums and
beard.. hehehe. On the way I stopped in Stevens Pass to take some
amazing pics of the trees in the fog. It's my favorite part of the
trip anywhere east Washington.

Mike,Ben,Vanja,Roald and I went for some mile high coffee
on the 40th floor of the tallest tower in Seattle. The white tower
with the point used to be the tallest tower here, alas no longer

Ben Blood turned another year wiser with a tasty chocolate cake
made by the amazing chef Vanja. She even made a camera using
the frosting! How cool? That's my girl!