Thursday, December 16, 2010


The Courage asked me to do a print for their special New Years Day show at The Triple Door. Noah + I looked at a lot of prints and what we liked about different pieces for about 2 weeks. It's nice finding out other artistic appreciations from musician friends. Noah has a great sense of artistic value and why things work, it was great narrowing down a direction because of this.

How The Triple Door looks and runs their business instantly holds class. I wanted the poster to reflect that as well as the organic strength of The Courage. I listened to their record "Fearful Bones" on repeat for days and kept coming back to their song 'Wandering Bird'. I drew 2 diff. bird versions and offset them a bit. I then placed the hook line in a gear and surrounded the piece with a border to make it look more like a book. I like doing little things that break the piece so I pulled the image through the frame for a little touch. I went Audubon on this.

Noah + Ivan came to help me print them, they were warriors, we braved black outs too, the electric kind. Here's some snaps of the process:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NO THEFT x GARAGE VOICE x Patrick Michael Toney

Patrick and I usually just work on screen printed posters together. We both have different artistic backgrounds and sometimes we struggle thru a solution, but it always enhances the final outcome. This poster is straight up turn of the century print with the whole workers union flare. The hand holding lighting felt really fitting for the rock n' roll that will be happening tonight, it's gonna be swell AND our last show of the year. We be playin' new tunes y'all! GARAGE VOICE


Benjamin Doerr asked me to do a poster for his release of St. Paul de Vence that happens this Friday at The Tractor. Benjamin & I share a special history to our home country France as well as having grandparents who were from the south who served in the French Resistance. I can't wait to hear the stories of his grandfather that he sewed to tunes in St. Paul de Vence.

I made the poster as a reflection of the 3 week journey Benjamin did in France to hear the stories again at the feet of his grandfather. Turning the flag into a suitcase instantly came into my mind. I wanted the type to reflect something about St. Paul de Vence so I looked at 100 wood carved signs that hang in front of every shop there and mimicked their type treatments. Voila :)