Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tic Toc Tic Toc

How many more natural disasters can we survive? Numbers of 68,000 gone in an earthquake, how many more in an hurricane? How much more will we be willing to put our financial futures in our tanks? How many more Rwandas? How many more Darfurs? How many more Tibets?
How many more servants shall we give on the altar before we change? How many Luthers, Ghandis, RFKs? The epidemics are gathering and will demand submission or decision out. Without God in the picture, without His promise to return in the picture, time is on the out and i want to live like i know that, like i believe that. I don't want any more evidence of this to wake me up over and over again, i want to stay my eyes deliberately, i want to taste now how sweet judgment will be, i have a list growing of what i want justice for. In my life time friends, this is several dominoes in to the collapse. He is coming, soon and very soon. The signs are alarming and exciting if you look. Believe.

Humble Pie

sober me up with a look at your beauty
the same i've wanted to see in me

i wonder when you look in my face
if you look to see any of yourself in me

i've exhausted every resource that
contributes to being defeated

how deliberate i've been with sin
how patient you've loved me

i wonder if i can still be what
you've always purposed me to be

Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is amazing/hilarious/well done.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Silly little dreamer

In the past 3 weeks I've had 3 very detailed dreams that i could account for so much for when i woke and even now can remember very specifically. 1) I went to this folk/blue grass festival with Karli Fairbanks 2) I lived in a Korean concentration camp giving aid to those about to die 3) was the most traumatic dream i've ever had. I was with a group of people and something severe had just occurred, something completely out of our hands. We could do nothing at all to make things better or right and the glum was taking over. I turned to this small band of folks and said 'well its okay, we can just ask God to take care of this, He can make this all work out' what happened next shook me. The people around me looked at me in astonishment. They said that God had never existed, there was no Creator, He was made up for little kids and holidays. In my dream it was so real that they were right. It was the ultimate despair, not having God to deliver. I began to cry and scream like it just couldn't be possible, i woke up crying. A proper scare. I can't imagine life without God, i may live doing stupid things that don't include Him or push Him away, but to know He is around is the blessed hope that reminds me that scary dreams or scary times won't have the final say.

Sometimes its a scary thing to think of our faith becoming sight. Our eyes unveiled to the agencies of the universe of both light and darkness. I've never had the desire of wanting to see Jesus or touch Him like so many praise songs profess. I've honestly been scared for it many a time. I haven't needed the physical faith to validate my own, what i've wanted is to hear His voice, to know that its His voice like the verse 'my sheep know my voice' thats all i've ever wanted. To be His and to know when it's His voice.

Another verse that has mentioned hearing His voice has been so special to me is the one that says 'you will hear a voice saying, this is the way, walk ye in it'. I would love to hear those words, but most of all when the world suffers thru its final hours i want to hear at the end 'welcome home good and faithful servant'. Deep in me past the wounds and scary dark places, this is what i want the most out of my life.

Of Montreal

Aaron and I drove 12 hours to Montreal last week for 2 nights.
I took 400 photos.

As soon as Lightroom and I have some time,
i will share in detail the joy of being

out of america, hearing french all around me, and exploring!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Vanja got this Vacation version of Mad Libs and we've been playing it like crazy with everyone we know. Tonight was a riot Ammiel, Rob, Paul, Vanja, and I. 2 libs thru we decided to do each word starting with the same letter which you can see on Vanjas (Fellow Rocker), this one was so French and in a funny way accurate at times that I had to share. Enjoy! Bon Appetite! (if you can't read, just click on the picture, it will blow it up to readability)


Here are a couple more of my latest pieces, i continue with the ugly theme (its scary how natural it is to create these faces) My newest one was done today the pink 'you don't want to know' kid it seems really glum, but theres a floating bottle with a message in it for a glimmer of hope. Also a sequel to my previous French beret wearing mournful smoking gent. The foot one is really gross, i was looking at my foot and drew it and then i had to get it DONE UGLY!

Wouldn't it be Nice

Last year in the middle of GVs tour in support of Let Those Who Have Ears Hear we played at Tomfest in WA. While walking on the dirt roads i heard a sound check involving harmonica which was a far stretch from all the screamo i had been hearing 10am till 3am the past 2 days OUCH. So i walk down to the left out door stage to see these boys begin their set. RUTH is their name-0 as an acronym for 'Return Us To Him' as their mission statement. The lead singer had a Jon Foreman kinda voice and the music was a pop/rock, so i stopped by for the entire set and just loved em up :D This week the tune of stuck rewind is 'Mr. Turner' from their record "Secondhand Dreaming" oh and can you believe they're signed to Tooth and Nail? nothing like a T & N band. You may have heard them on tour last year with Relient K and Switchfoot during the Rebuild Tour. I feel instantly lifted up when i listen to these tunes, i just have to smile. The music isn't crazy complicated and i'm not blown away by them, but I dig them so much.

Writing on the Wall

If you know me well you know i like graffiti and anything street scene. I just saw this on Kitsune's page and wanted to give a heads up as well! In a tunnel under Waterloo station there was a gallery of sorts of all these graffiti kids posting their works, its super cool and i oh so desire to contribute and experience, but for now i'll accept these links as sufficient. and THIS

Here's a snap of an image that GV made into a tshirt years ago! Its cool to see that a stencil of Jesus made it into a street scene gallery. The image is taken from the film Jesus of Nazareth i believe. YUM :D