Sunday, June 15, 2008


Aaron, Sarah, and I took our last hours of Sabbath to Lake Michigan. Growing up here in Michigan you get used to the lake, but in my older age i've grown to appreciate it almost in a needful way. I needed the beach yesterday, i needed the grand scale of water and sky to flood my senses and leave me surrendered in thought and attentiveness to God and to the beauty He is as seen in His work. It was a loverly time.

I could watch this sunset every day for the rest of my life

This one is for Tric, Bruce, and I. Miss you boys

Preserve the Lighthouses of Michigan!

Aaron in his photo contemplations

Sarah comments later about how i shouldn't shoot her
from the front while she's pregnant, i tell her i shot
from the nose up! hehehe

My North Face Kicks on my happy feet!


Aaron M said...

surely great minds must think alike, because we often have the same idea... hmmm?

Sarah Jane said...

What a great night.....thanks for putting these up....I will steal some! See you tomorrow. GO CELTICS!!!

Matthew said...

Don't go, don't go, don't go...

Sarah Jane said...

Exactly what Matthew says!!!

Anonymous said...

So, when ARE you coming back to the Pacific North West? I'm assuming its soon, but just how soon?