Tuesday, June 17, 2008


TODAY 2 cool things happened. Coldplay released their new record that they recorded a bit in Spain, i heard they transformed an old bakery into a studio? sweet. pastries that is.

2nd thing that happened is the Celtics winning the NBA championship!!!!!! I'm super happy for them as my mom and i have watched all their games thru the playoffs. I'm especially happy for my boy Ray Allen who came over to the Celtics this year from Seattle. His finesse and graciousness on the court has always impressed me. 7 3-pointers to tie the Finals record! Yeah boy! 17 th championship on the 17th!



Sarah Jane said...

Yeah Celtics & CD's!!

tawny. said...

coldplay - i'm happy about.
the celtics - not so happy about.

tiffany said...

i wandered here through vanja's blog and I know you (AA) and finally another celtics fan!!! fantastic - your blog and the celtics!

Matthew said...

Aaron's going to be gone this weekend. I'll be your backup plan. See how low I stoop? Aaron-low. Just messing. You'll be gone soon, and I'll not-cry. But it will be sad. First Tawny, now Tommy. Tomorrow is G-squared's birthday. If you guys do a morning worship pow-wow, be sure to let him know we all age together.

And who was that Dillon feller? Give him back his iPod, bully.

That's all.