Saturday, June 21, 2008


Psalm:16-20 All believers, come here and listen,
let me tell you what God did for me.
I called out to him with my mouth,
my tongue shaped the sounds of music.
If I had been cozy with evil,
the Lord would never have listened.
But he most surely did listen,
he came on the double when he heard my prayer.
Blessed be God: he didn't turn a deaf ear,
he stayed with me, loyal in his love.

I told God a couple of months ago ' do you ever really discipline me? You know all of my sin and yet I still feel so blessed to live. I look at kids in the bible who equally did stupid mistakes as I who had to be disciplined and I look at that and wonder why I don't receive the same? '

Well now I feel in the middle of that discipline. You know that verse that says that God disciplines those He loves like a Father to His sons? Well I'm deff. feeling the love! God is straightening me out one step of humility at a time. I fear it were more than one step at a time I would be overcome and may not be able to bear/hear my own confession. God in His justice remembers mercy and in this process of reconciliation and repentance I'm well aware of His compassion towards me. I think 'how could you still answer my prayers? how could you still be so good to me despite how harmful i've been to others and myself?'

God's love is so marvelous and this is demonstrated in this verse that has been stuck in my brain that 'while we were YET sinners Christ died for us'. That means while we were in the thickest of our junk God saw thru it and loved us still. That also means that there's nothing in us that earns that love, remember 'even our righteousness is like rags' even our best behavior doesn't earn His love. So despite my being sinful He still blessed me. Heres a miracle story for you:

I came here to michigan months ago and was in the process of getting rid of my 4x10 Fender tube amp to go smaller wattage for greater tone. My dear friend and brother Ben Blood (aka Genius! in my pals list) had recently purchased a Dr. Z amp which is the Creme de la Creme! So he started keeping his eyes open for me. Several times there were hints and almost completions of me getting an amp thru his aid but each time it fell thru. I began to get discouraged. I sold my amp thinking that I would have plenty of time to find another one before i returned to seattle. Well weeks and months later no amp! So this past Tuesday in the midst of me praying thru Gods discipline my mind was brought back to my need for an amp. I was reminded by Tric and Bruce to pray big, He knows our needs before we ask. SO I told God:

" Lord i have a week before I get back, and I need to have this amp to get the signature sound before we work on our next record, before we go on tour, and while i'm in the studio, Please God, i need to have this to do what you want me to do, provide the way."

Wednesday morning i'm working and I get a call from Ben Blood. He had found an Dr. Z! Here's where it gets really good. I love how God orchestrates miracles and uses others to complete it. Ben had sold his vintage tweed Fender Vibro amp to this guy in Portland months ago. Ben had found a posting of this Dr. Z amp and contacted the posting, come to find out it was the same guy who had bought Bens amp back in Feb.! He had posted the Dr. Z amp awhile back and then took it off the listing. But last tuesday he put it up again! The same day I was praying for it. Ben contacts him again saying he was interested. The next day Ben texts me ' i have your amp your balance is this much ' AMAZING!! I go to the bank to deposit the money into his account and the rest is Gods history! The guy is shipping it to Spokane so it will be there when I land :D

So 2 miracles down 1) Ben was able to sell my amp 2) Ben found my Dr. Z and my 3rd miracle still has to happen. I need the speaker cab for my amp head. That might be another interesting story as the speaker cab i want isn't as generally available as 2x12's. I'm a 2x10 kid. I have enough proof that God will work that out too. So when that happens i'll post that story! Here's a picture of the Dr. Z amp!

And here's the cab I need.
I'm short 500 bones, BUT God will provide again!

Oh my these are so YUMMY!
Please keep me in your prayers!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


TODAY 2 cool things happened. Coldplay released their new record that they recorded a bit in Spain, i heard they transformed an old bakery into a studio? sweet. pastries that is.

2nd thing that happened is the Celtics winning the NBA championship!!!!!! I'm super happy for them as my mom and i have watched all their games thru the playoffs. I'm especially happy for my boy Ray Allen who came over to the Celtics this year from Seattle. His finesse and graciousness on the court has always impressed me. 7 3-pointers to tie the Finals record! Yeah boy! 17 th championship on the 17th!


Monday, June 16, 2008


I told God to sit me down on His couch so i could get all the conflict
out of my mindand get honest with myself & Him. This is leading me to get honest with those around me as well. It's special and unnatural. It keeps me up at night surrendering to my own guilt or God's grace. I thought last night that I don't really need much assistance from the devil for pointing fingers and accusations when i hear them louder from myself.

Repentance is a gift from the Holy Spirit that leads to a true turning away from self. We can't repent on our own. We can do 'do not touch, don't handle, don't eat' but abstaining isn't enough or we would have changed long ago. There must be an altering of mind, disconnecting sin from pleasurable and back to destructive. Remembering that temptation, sin, and its fruits are all counterfeits to what we really desire, God's pure perfect love that fulfills us so that we are never in want, never without direction, never without hope.

These 5 quotes below have been my constant read and thought.

"Whoever has no rule over his own spirit
is like a city broken down, without walls."

The Bible | The book of Proverbs Chapter 25 Verse 28

"Change occurs when the pain of remaining the same
is greater than the pain of changing."

Boundaries in Dating | Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

"When we clearly understand the prospects we face
if things remain the same,
it helps us bear the pain of changing"

Boundaries in Dating | Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

"If you return to me, I will restore you so you can continue to serve me."

The Bible | The book of Jeremiah Chapter 15 Verse 19

"Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect."

The Bible | The book of Romans Chapter 12 Verse 2

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Aaron, Sarah, and I took our last hours of Sabbath to Lake Michigan. Growing up here in Michigan you get used to the lake, but in my older age i've grown to appreciate it almost in a needful way. I needed the beach yesterday, i needed the grand scale of water and sky to flood my senses and leave me surrendered in thought and attentiveness to God and to the beauty He is as seen in His work. It was a loverly time.

I could watch this sunset every day for the rest of my life

This one is for Tric, Bruce, and I. Miss you boys

Preserve the Lighthouses of Michigan!

Aaron in his photo contemplations

Sarah comments later about how i shouldn't shoot her
from the front while she's pregnant, i tell her i shot
from the nose up! hehehe

My North Face Kicks on my happy feet!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Like This, Like That

SOMETHING NEW FROM NO THEFT: Sometimes i like to take many pictures of diff. things that have nothing to do with each other and mash em up into one thing. This is one of those results. I'll show more later next week! The French have a term 'comme ci comme ca' that means 'like this like that'....voila!


Thanks to my friend Aaron i have rediscovered my joy for road bikes. I'm really obsessed with all things road bikes. I love that lots of cities are putting in bike lanes on roads! Oh and in Montreal they have Roller blade lanes next to the bike lanes! NO JOKE! I took a picture of it.

So this picture shows a lot of pain and most likely no bike lane. ugh.


This past week i got a night guard. He's tall, has a tall black fuzzy hat, a red jacket and never ever moves even though little children try to make him smile or put lit matches in his hand. not really.

I had to get my fillings replaced 2 weeks ago because apparently i grind my teeth at night. I had broken fillings and holes in my sealants! crazy! I got to bite down on this squishy stuff and bam! they made a mold of my teeth (which i got to keep) and i just got this little bite plate fit on thursday. I've worn it for the last 2 nights and i'm pretty sure that my rest has been way better in these past nights! Like this thing absorbs the pressure of me bighting down thru the night and so my muscles in my head aren't taking it you know? so i think when i wake i feel more rested. Its pretty sweet!

If you wake up and your jaw is soar or you have headaches in the morning, or you have bit your cheek in the night, these are pretty good signs that you grind your teeth. I recommend getting this night guard thing! Its a bit pricy, but YOU are worth it. I saw pictures of people who hadn't had these guards who grind their teeth and they've ground their teeth flat, its really really bad. So don't hesitate k? AND while i'm at it, get a sonicare toothbrush, after i brush i feel like i've been to the dentist, i'll never brush with a regular toothbrush again, oh and if you aren't a consistent flosser these toothbrushes are so good for your gums (thats me). I guess it doesn't have to be a sonicare, but get an electric toothbrush, you also don't have to push down against your gums so it takes better care of your gums that way too. K me and my soapbox are done.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Chewing On This

I'm pages away from being done with a book that has been the most influential book in my life, its called 'wild at heart' by John Eldridge. Every page of it i've thought 'that is me' or 'that was me' i've never felt so much transformation confronted, understood, begun. It's been one of the most beautiful times in my life. The last chapter says this ' "how" is faithless, that's Gods department'. Like God asks you to do something, you know it's Him more then you know anything about yourself and you ask the H word 'How'. WOW. I'm gonna chew and share more, but man oh man, this has got me gripped. I mean obedience isn't always clean, it rips at the grit in ourselves, it demands all or nothing, but there's always beauty in obedience from the start when theres the call, from the fruit that is nurtured during, and the end result that our Abba is pleased by us. I'm learning these lessons of obedience, but more so the Author of them, He is the beauty of Holiness.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Knocked Down but not Knocked Out

sit me down on your couch
make me an honest man again

i'll spill guilt and you'll spill blood
then i'll be joined to your finest white

roar your love loud
let the thunder tremble

i don't want to wrestle no more
i just want to trust

let my hip be spared
and my tongue loosened

A Summer Ago

The summer '07 had me here in Michigan for a little while. GV was coming back from the eastcoast and spent a couple weeks back in our home town Berrien Springs Michigan. This place is known for several things, but the most celebrated part about our area during the summer is going to the beach! We gots 5 lakes yo! woot woot!! Beach time includes: Kites, Swimming, Tanning, Building Sandcastles, Good tunes on the radio, Walks on the Pier, Vespers etc.

One such summer day an excursion was taken to the beach.
Oh and it was Ben Bloods first time to Lake Michigan, it was really special!

The photos below are the documentary taken by Aaron Moushon!


Why do I look so hard?

Papa Moushon!

Sandcastle Strategists

Blowing bubbles!

The Sandcastle



Saturday, June 7, 2008


I've been in Michigan for 3 months or so.
I soon have to leave and it will be difficult to do so.

So I did a small design in honor of this great state using my favorite word. YUM!

Friday, June 6, 2008


K this is the last one. I saw Delta Spirit in chicago with tric, vanja, nunz and i forgot her friends name. This show was the best show i've ever been to in my life. During one of their songs i felt like i was in church. It was an overwhelming feeling and when i smile that big i tend to hide my smile with my hand, but this time i just danced with no cover up. They performed "bleeding bells" diff. then on the record, very aggressive and i'm so happy to have found it on you tube. Check it. See them if you can, it was a great addition to my life.


Again i say how dish 'd lish these tunes by the Kinks & Zombies are. The guitar solo is short and to the point in the middle, but great! I have much respect for these kids!

The Kinks had several of their songs in Darjeeling if you've seen the film (thats what brought me back to them honestly) this one is at the beginning of the film.


This song is quite brilliant, especially the keys solo in the middle very BRUCE style! I've been listening to a lot of Kinks and The Zombies lately, its so so musically good. enjoy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008




Kick me Twice BUT not Thrice

I have new shoes. In fact i had 2 new pairs 2 weeks ago. PUMA selects. YUM. Found them at WINNERS in canada for CRAZY cheap, these are like 150 dollar shoes. They felt so good in the store and the price tag was to good to pass up. 3 days after i have them my feet are just not happy in them, they're soar, i'm shifting in the heal, the front folds on my foot wrong, its plain aweful and miserable and i'm disappointed. I think poorly on my decision to get those kicks as yummy looking as they were. ( I can hear my mom saying 'theres a spiritual application here')

My brother needed to shoe hunt for his trip to italy and i jumped at the chance (any chance really) to look at kicks. I point some Merrell shoes which he ends up getting and as hes chatting up the sails kid i see these sweet looking North Face shoes. What will it hurt? Size 8 is brought out to me and i slip my feet into the glass slipper...ITS GOOD! GOAL! crazy whistles i'm running sliding on my knees ripping my shirt pointing #1 up to the sky..ben asks 'why are you trying them on' cuz i need to. I came back to the South Bend yesterday to claim them. My feet are happy, oh so happy, i walk and my feet breath, i take a step and my shoes cushion my every step, i turn and my shoes grip the earth for my stability, i like my new shoes. They are like my old VET. shoes by New Balance that i abused for 3 years straight. These are them. YUM.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Got BEEF With Giving

I'm reminded of my beef with giving every time the offering plate goes by. It's hard to give a couple dollars when i'm just getting used to having a couple dollars in my wallet again. Then i think, well who allows me to have the little that i have? God, the giver of good things, who freely gave, who gave His son Jesus knowing the cost. I don't ever want to think of that as a guilt trip into opening my wallet you know, i want to be a giver. I don't want to think 'oh when i have this much amount, then i'll be able to give'. That fact is complete BULL. If you can't give now with the little thats you got, then you'll never be able to give when you gots it all. It's like that mentality of 'oh i'll change when things are a little better' 'i'll get more spiritual when kids come into the picture' 'i'll start exercising as soon as i get past this time in my life'.

My other BEEF with giving is this: i'm tired of giving when its convenient for me. Ultimate giving is when it requires a piece of you that you can't get back right away or maybe ever. When it costs you. It blends into the realm of sacrifice. Something that western culture may not be to familiar with unless its on a RED tshirt at GAP or when famous people are telling you to go green. I don't want to forget my faith in the realm of giving. It's not for me to have the logic of tithe or offering proven to me before i give, God has asked me to give, given me LOADS of examples of servants who have done so, and as He is my friend i ought to want to do it just because of that.

So if i'm having BEEF with giving it means this, that my eyes aren't on the Author enough to give, my eyes are more currently on my temporary circumstances and the devil knows how to captivate me with keeping my currency to myself. how bout those new kicks you've been wanting? watcha gonna support yourself with when you go back to seattle? It's important to be a wise steward with what you have and some reasons are very valid, but they can't be what defines your giving, Jesus must be. I have my own stories of when i gave and it was ruff to give, but how more beautiful my life was after, theres something transforming about who you are when you give of who you are, of what you have, of what you know. Its transforming because it is Jesus.

Oh God forgive me for not being a giver. Today i was at a grocery store getting trivial items for sheer pleasure. Canada Dry and cookies. Theres nothing wrong with that at all, heres what was wrong though. In front of me is a middle aged gentleman who has his card denied. He can't pay for the little amount of groceries that have been swiped. The cashier says 'sorry sir, your card has been denied'. He can't believe this has happened and collects his things to go. You know what he couldn't afford to buy? 2 gallons of milk and 2 dozen eggs. If you've ever had to live meal to meal you know that those are the basic of basics in your fridge. That was what 5 dollars? And you know what i gave my 5 dollar bill for? Soda and cookies. My pleasure over this mans necessity. I briefly dismissed paying for his basic groceries and i feel like shit. (sometimes thats the only word perfect enough to describe the lowliness) I've heard that sometimes God sends angels down in human form to test the sons of men. Today i think i let Jesus walk away hungry. "I was hungry and you let me walk out of the store hungry" thats what i'm hearing. I want to hear Jesus again, i want to hear 'i was naked and you clothed me, i was hungry and you fed me, i had no shelter and you gave me a roof'. I want to be transformed and not neglect myself again in not giving.

Relient K has this song called 'Give until theres nothing left' and it reminds me of the beauty of submission to Jesus. This submission stimulates my courage to give. If you haven't heard it before i want you to have it, so give me your email and i'll send it to you. If you have it, listen to it again and be transformed a little more.