Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Chewing On This

I'm pages away from being done with a book that has been the most influential book in my life, its called 'wild at heart' by John Eldridge. Every page of it i've thought 'that is me' or 'that was me' i've never felt so much transformation confronted, understood, begun. It's been one of the most beautiful times in my life. The last chapter says this ' "how" is faithless, that's Gods department'. Like God asks you to do something, you know it's Him more then you know anything about yourself and you ask the H word 'How'. WOW. I'm gonna chew and share more, but man oh man, this has got me gripped. I mean obedience isn't always clean, it rips at the grit in ourselves, it demands all or nothing, but there's always beauty in obedience from the start when theres the call, from the fruit that is nurtured during, and the end result that our Abba is pleased by us. I'm learning these lessons of obedience, but more so the Author of them, He is the beauty of Holiness.


Sarah Jane said...

I am so happy that your journey brought you to that book....I haven't read it myself, but now I want too! I know full well how difficult obedience can sometimes be....but the reward of being faithful has been worth the fight. God makes and battle seem less fierce and completely worth the fight =)!

Matthew said...

It's pretty much the most amazing thing in the world:


Hope you enjoyed them pandas.

I want a puppy with panda patches.

TIP TOP said...

thats really true. except i think it is more than just obedience. i think it is faith too. if you want something to happen, it never will if you are asking how always because often times vision comes without seeing the way to something. so taking it to God and trusting that He will work out the HOW is what i am learning to do, and living to do. because really....its much more of an adventure that way :D and i think God loves to reward that kind of faith.