Monday, June 9, 2008

Knocked Down but not Knocked Out

sit me down on your couch
make me an honest man again

i'll spill guilt and you'll spill blood
then i'll be joined to your finest white

roar your love loud
let the thunder tremble

i don't want to wrestle no more
i just want to trust

let my hip be spared
and my tongue loosened


Melissa said...

I really like this. For some reason, although I could tell it was a poem, I didnt read it as a poem. In my mind, as I read it, I heard it being shouted out. And, in my head,it sounded really cool being shouted out. You should turn it into a song.

Sarah Jane said...

You never finished explaining....but I think I understand. Despite the fact that we are guilty and imperfect, Christ still died for us.....and crazier still is the fact that He is going to eventually reward our humble attempt to be like Him. That is just how cool God is.