Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Artist Home recently started using the logo I designed for them. I can't say enough about the quality of people that run Artist Home. After working with Kevin Sur & Melodie Knight on this project I've come to understand their invaluable contribution to Seattle's fruitful music scene as well as the high standards they have set to run accordingly to.

After understanding Kevins' history of DIY days of being on the road and turning everything into something useful I kept coming back to the safety pin. It represents the punk methods that propelled Kevin into steady work with music, I wanted that to be seen. The above is the final one they chose, but I wanted to show proposed logos as well that I dug, I usually don't do that, but couldn't help myself.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Le Grand Cru x Japan Compilation

Today a special compilation became available on Le Grand Cru's bandcamp. It features a heavy Sea-town roster with songs that haven't been public till this compilation. The proceeds go to Direct Relief and will be put to the use of rebuilding the precious communities of Japan that were hurt during the tsunami.

I'm so proud of the artists who were happy to donate to this album, Kaylyn Messer for her long hours on filming/editing, Vanja for shooting the album cover, & for my partners Mdot & Mark for being the best people to work with.

Japan Compilation, by LE GRAND CRU from LE GRAND CRU on Vimeo.