Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sabbath : O Happy Day : Big Smiles

I'm abandoning the computer till Sunday!
Mooo-hahahaha Moo-hahaha!!!!

Well unless my mom wants to ichat, i love seeing her face

I Will Give You Rest

I need a retreat. It could entail all of this:Good old out doors, camp fire, henry winehards rootbeer, smores, good conversations, good guy time, time for reading, carkeek, holding vanjas hand, long baths, lots of veggies and fruits, comfy clothes, being warm, alone time, classical guitar picking, journaling with pen & paper, good sermons/talks/devotionals, rosario beach, a full tank of gas.

I need a breath and good thing Sabbath is here! I don't want to hear/see/say anything about anything else that would suck me back into my work week, i just want rest. Thank you Jesus!

Friday, January 30, 2009


The good stress about bootstrapping for Garage Voice and Le Grand Cru is that every minute you are deciding your future. Your Schedule, Your work hours, how you want to come across and be seen. It's great, i'm really living what i want to live and i do feel incredibly blessed by God to do so. Everyday i have something to do, something to accomplish, something to celebrate about.

Its super.

The BAD stress about it and which i'm still working on is balancing deaadlines. Both GV and LGC have had web deadlines. I've had to send things out for print for both. Meetings for both.
I'm not crying about it, but i'm deff. learning quick from it!

I love the sense of accomplishment I have everyday when i start and end my day. I love seeing the fruit of my efforts right away. Bootstrapping is super rewarding and character building and its a lot easier when you have great fellows by your side doing the same thing. They are ruffing it with you, encouraging you, keeping you accountable, and constantly expanding the vision. On those hard stress days when the fruit of your hands isn't rewarding enough, sometimes just knowing that you got guys in the same boat as you striving and pushing for more is enough to get thru.

I want to spill the beans on some great stuff that is happening and coming up for both GV & LGC but that will have to wait! For now i can share that GV's new record 'let us reconcile' will be out inf Feb. along with brand new website! Grand Cru will be online as well around the same time with full purchasing capabilities and will feature our official first line of shirts (NINE TO BE EXACT!) 2 new shirst are about to be printed which i'm totally stoked about and my friends over at O.R.C.I.S island printing just did 2 new shirts for us as well :D

Some great stuff is coming up and i want everyone to share in my joy about it! huhzah!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Currents of a new year

I haven't had much to say as of the past month. There has been some honey sweet things going on though. Sometimes a plethora of amazing things happen quickly and it takes an obligatory draining to account for it all. Ugh. It is almost a chore in a way.

This kind of thing happens a lot because I'm surrounded by amazing people and their threads crosshatch mine and thus many new and amazing stories come forth. I play catch up a lot for these reasons as well. Getting back to people, reconnecting, all these new and current investments. Heaven will be swell. No distances, no freak horrors of death or pain to interrupt the many fruits of life.

Out of this season i just want to be pleasing in the eyes of the Father. I want that to be my intention day in day out. Kingdom first and the rest falls in line. I want to live satisfied and drained of want. I don't want to be content with the mediocre, i just want to 'be in the light as He is in the light' and cherish that i am an heir. I want to drop the abuses of my selfishness. I want to be generous with kindness and be a good friend. I want to be honest. The good thing about all these desires is that 1) 'all things are possible with God' and 2) It is not by my own hands that these things will manifest themselves, i have a great companion in the Holy Spirit who is a great encouragement and directs me to the Father. Hurrah! woot woot!

On my plate: GV new record deadline is this monday, that means all mixes and artwork. Getting ready to tour and all the preparations that comes with that. Le Grand Cru getting online with purchasing abilities. Eating 3 times a day, having good sleep, and excercising. AND drinking lots and lots of water. Living with in a budget and not carelessly spending. I'm also thinking of putting together a NO THEFT portfolio up online and trying to get some design work on the side to generate a little income to at least eat off :D Man do i love food! Testify!

Saturday, January 3, 2009