Monday, July 25, 2011


Noah Gundersen came to me with a very specific vision. He knew the cover, the back, the cd image. We sat down together and just got it done, a really cool way for me to work with a client. Noah had seen several images that our friend Ben Blood had taken over in Germany, they greatly resonated with him and the his album title 'Family'. I also got to have a sneak peek of this album and I'm SO excited for everyone to hear it in its entirety. Noahs voice is captured so well, his guitar touch featured, Abby's contribution incredibly thoughtful. Noah is back putting his voice where it best belongs, I'm so excited! The release show is Aug. 6 at Columbia City Theatre, last time I checked there still were some tickets left :)

Earlier today I posted an album cover I did for Lower Lights Burning not knowing it wasn't suppose to be public yet. I've taken it down for another day to shine, I'm sorry to LLB for putting it up and sorry to everyone who saw it ahead of time! My bad!

Monday, July 11, 2011