Saturday, June 14, 2008


This past week i got a night guard. He's tall, has a tall black fuzzy hat, a red jacket and never ever moves even though little children try to make him smile or put lit matches in his hand. not really.

I had to get my fillings replaced 2 weeks ago because apparently i grind my teeth at night. I had broken fillings and holes in my sealants! crazy! I got to bite down on this squishy stuff and bam! they made a mold of my teeth (which i got to keep) and i just got this little bite plate fit on thursday. I've worn it for the last 2 nights and i'm pretty sure that my rest has been way better in these past nights! Like this thing absorbs the pressure of me bighting down thru the night and so my muscles in my head aren't taking it you know? so i think when i wake i feel more rested. Its pretty sweet!

If you wake up and your jaw is soar or you have headaches in the morning, or you have bit your cheek in the night, these are pretty good signs that you grind your teeth. I recommend getting this night guard thing! Its a bit pricy, but YOU are worth it. I saw pictures of people who hadn't had these guards who grind their teeth and they've ground their teeth flat, its really really bad. So don't hesitate k? AND while i'm at it, get a sonicare toothbrush, after i brush i feel like i've been to the dentist, i'll never brush with a regular toothbrush again, oh and if you aren't a consistent flosser these toothbrushes are so good for your gums (thats me). I guess it doesn't have to be a sonicare, but get an electric toothbrush, you also don't have to push down against your gums so it takes better care of your gums that way too. K me and my soapbox are done.

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Anonymous said...

that mold of your teeth reminds me of IDL.

And as for getting an electric toothbrush, I totally agree with you 100% there. I dont have a Sonicare, but I have an OralB that I got an the clearance rack at Target like maybe 8 years ago! And I've dropped it before, but it still works fine... I used to have this problem with brushing my teeth until they bled (ok, that was gross, but its true) & I'd constantly have to rinse my mouth with hot saltwater. I've never had that problem with an electric toothbrush. It saved my gums!

The only time I dont use my electric toothbrush is when I go to Marysville to visit my family, or travel to see GV shows. When I brush with a regular toothbrush, my teeth dont even really feel clean.