Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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I found out about this incredible design conference 2 days ago ->INTERLINK<-
Being a freelancer has many benefits of freedom, doing what I enjoy for income, working with incredible people. One of the draw backs is an income that is in constant flux. As this conference is very soon I realize that my financial options don't provide enough to get me there. I've come up with 6 pledge levels that each have special perks. The biggest pledges are the best deals I've ever given for clients and the rest have some sweet custom perks that are being created now!

If you are unable to contribute financially, please pass the image along or even post it on your blog, that would help equally! Thank you for your time


I just finished branding for Borderline Tree Works last week. Ben Rubinfeld is 100% bonafide arborist. He prunes trees, saps trees, planks trees, shapes trees, preventative cutting of trees, restores trees. He has a degree in all of this, certified to the teeth. It's impressive to meet someone who is this skilled and with something I'm mostly clueless about.

I created 1) Logo 2) Stationary 3) Logo for Truck decal/Work shirts. Check em out.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Just over a year ago I took on freelance design full time. I at the time was really struggling. I had been laid off a really great paying job because of an injury, the Christmas Season was challenging to get through because of it, and I was coming back to Seattle with no job.

I cried out to the Lord and He heard my cry.

I was extremely anxious about meeting financial responsibilities & doubtful of being able to make a living while recovering from my injury. I felt directionless, and in that fear, everything seemed overwhelming. The very next day I got an email from my friend Noah Gundersen asking me to do 2 posters for some big shows that were coming up. I poured myself into them. A floodgate had been opened, my frustrations started to reside and my hope was being lifted with this opportunity. After approval and posting all of these I started getting job after job. All of it was word of mouth, I got jobs just when I needed them, just when I had finished a job, just when I would need to send out rent.

The Lord was steadfast and secured me.

Now over a little year later I'm happy to announce my site NOTHEFTDOM.COM ! This site first and foremost is a testament to the Lord's faithfulness. Secondly the support I have received from my musical community and friends has been astounding. I'd like to share a couple names that have made today possible:

Ben Blood: He has been a constant reminder of excellence in his work ethic & communication. He has pushed and prodded me towards today.

Patrick & Bruce: Have been fresh outside eyes , forced me to charge my worth, pushed me to get this site up.

Karli Fairbanks: She is a daily inspiration in her trademark style, amount of work she puts out, and is very giving in her encouragement and support.

Mike Young: My faithful Le Grand Cru partner, he has taught me to live up to my commitments, communicate more effectively, and selflessly told me time & time again that I'd blow up and if I needed to leave LGC he would support me 100% to do so (Ain't gonna happen!)

Paper Astronomer: These kids trusted me to create out of my vision of them time and time again, that trust taught me how to better work with clients and to dig deep into their need.

Vanja: My girl who has made me think long term in my work, firm in my value, and lifted me up when I was despairing.

Dallas: The Web Guru himself who has generously given of his time and input to make this site possible.

Today is the first phase of my site, I have 3 more sections that will be coming shortly and a new blog just for my design work.

Thank you everyone for saying a kind word, asking me to do work for you, sharing my name with other people who needed design needs met, taping posters up, staying up late in my garage printing posters, buying me coffee & food when I couldn't afford it, Thank you!