Saturday, June 21, 2008


Psalm:16-20 All believers, come here and listen,
let me tell you what God did for me.
I called out to him with my mouth,
my tongue shaped the sounds of music.
If I had been cozy with evil,
the Lord would never have listened.
But he most surely did listen,
he came on the double when he heard my prayer.
Blessed be God: he didn't turn a deaf ear,
he stayed with me, loyal in his love.

I told God a couple of months ago ' do you ever really discipline me? You know all of my sin and yet I still feel so blessed to live. I look at kids in the bible who equally did stupid mistakes as I who had to be disciplined and I look at that and wonder why I don't receive the same? '

Well now I feel in the middle of that discipline. You know that verse that says that God disciplines those He loves like a Father to His sons? Well I'm deff. feeling the love! God is straightening me out one step of humility at a time. I fear it were more than one step at a time I would be overcome and may not be able to bear/hear my own confession. God in His justice remembers mercy and in this process of reconciliation and repentance I'm well aware of His compassion towards me. I think 'how could you still answer my prayers? how could you still be so good to me despite how harmful i've been to others and myself?'

God's love is so marvelous and this is demonstrated in this verse that has been stuck in my brain that 'while we were YET sinners Christ died for us'. That means while we were in the thickest of our junk God saw thru it and loved us still. That also means that there's nothing in us that earns that love, remember 'even our righteousness is like rags' even our best behavior doesn't earn His love. So despite my being sinful He still blessed me. Heres a miracle story for you:

I came here to michigan months ago and was in the process of getting rid of my 4x10 Fender tube amp to go smaller wattage for greater tone. My dear friend and brother Ben Blood (aka Genius! in my pals list) had recently purchased a Dr. Z amp which is the Creme de la Creme! So he started keeping his eyes open for me. Several times there were hints and almost completions of me getting an amp thru his aid but each time it fell thru. I began to get discouraged. I sold my amp thinking that I would have plenty of time to find another one before i returned to seattle. Well weeks and months later no amp! So this past Tuesday in the midst of me praying thru Gods discipline my mind was brought back to my need for an amp. I was reminded by Tric and Bruce to pray big, He knows our needs before we ask. SO I told God:

" Lord i have a week before I get back, and I need to have this amp to get the signature sound before we work on our next record, before we go on tour, and while i'm in the studio, Please God, i need to have this to do what you want me to do, provide the way."

Wednesday morning i'm working and I get a call from Ben Blood. He had found an Dr. Z! Here's where it gets really good. I love how God orchestrates miracles and uses others to complete it. Ben had sold his vintage tweed Fender Vibro amp to this guy in Portland months ago. Ben had found a posting of this Dr. Z amp and contacted the posting, come to find out it was the same guy who had bought Bens amp back in Feb.! He had posted the Dr. Z amp awhile back and then took it off the listing. But last tuesday he put it up again! The same day I was praying for it. Ben contacts him again saying he was interested. The next day Ben texts me ' i have your amp your balance is this much ' AMAZING!! I go to the bank to deposit the money into his account and the rest is Gods history! The guy is shipping it to Spokane so it will be there when I land :D

So 2 miracles down 1) Ben was able to sell my amp 2) Ben found my Dr. Z and my 3rd miracle still has to happen. I need the speaker cab for my amp head. That might be another interesting story as the speaker cab i want isn't as generally available as 2x12's. I'm a 2x10 kid. I have enough proof that God will work that out too. So when that happens i'll post that story! Here's a picture of the Dr. Z amp!

And here's the cab I need.
I'm short 500 bones, BUT God will provide again!

Oh my these are so YUMMY!
Please keep me in your prayers!


Sarah Jane said...

Testify! I am so excited you got your amp. It is amazing to see how God comes through just in the nick of time, but always at the perfect time :D

Melissa said...

I heard you make your return to Washington state tomorrow! Even though... it IS the wrong SIDE of the state. Nonetheless... WELCOME BACK!

Matthew said...

Come. Back.


Matthew said...

I want some Alessandro Dell'Acqua shoes. In gold. Tommy, they're amazing. Why do my feet have to be small? Asian? Bound? No. If only they were a size up...

Come. Back!