Monday, December 31, 2007

Chemicals in Check

Sigh your heart out to me.

I'm done rubbing my eyes out.

I don't want to feel the drop anymore.

I'm tired, but you're not.

So you plunge with me.

When do we rise?

Please say its soon.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Heal me, and I'll be healed

I had a bad dream of no sacred place
even the heart of Jesus couldn't turn us back again

Despair is our story, it's no pretty tale
It starts with our own pride and ends with His murder

We got no wisdom to use what we've been given
To be obedient in these battles
To carry our crosses or to bury the nails

We got no morals, not a hint of discipline
To trace these used steps back home again

I cut off my hands so I wouldn't touch
It didn't stop the poison, it still burns in my veins just as much

So I plucked out my own eyes so I wouldn't look
I only treated the symptom of self medication

I found this old card said 'have you been forgiven?'
'Do you know what it feels like to have you
r burden lifted?'

See we all got the nails and hammers in our hands
We got the blood of Jesus on our heads

This was all in His plan, to save us from the beginning
Even when He formed us and gave us life and breath

From Eve in the garden to the fruit on the tree
The Son would be lifted up, thru the darkness we could see

That we can start anew, don't believe the lie

Don't believe your own guilt, don't die in your pride

We can be born again, live on this new slate
By this blood of Jesus, His mark, His stain

Why must a life be given to take away our sin?
To show that God's ways can be followed
for obedience to be proven

Murder of the innocent where the line was drawn
He who was not guilty who could throw the
first stone

True colors of this kingdom now completely shown
The controversy condemned and the horror it bestows

The cross illuminates with salvation
Points to the murderer in us all

We can drop the hammer and the nails
We can hear from Jesus
There is no condemnation for those in
love with Him

(the card i found)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spit those Decibles

Hey Kid your 26!

Today means 26 years of God maintaining my breath. I don't count enough His blessings to me nor the cost of my ransom. In the thickest of my 'dont's' He has upheld me and looked upon me in great favor. I have seen His right hand act constantly in my life. I have been time and time again saved from my own snares. God calls me His, and that is the gift worth counting all things loss for.

Every year I have lived has surpassed the previous, I enjoy getting older, I love whats ahead, I look forward to the added responsibilities that come with age, my heart warms over future family thoughts, I cherish being grafted more into my Savior friend and that in looking unto the Author of Love I may be able to more reflect/communicate the perfect love I encounter in His presence, the perfect love that is putting me on the mend in all things weak and hurt.

Thank you friends for being patient with me, dealing kindly with me, inspiring me to become more of what God has started in me. You have enriched these years and I pray that my life is a blessing back to you and to my God!


(the snap above is from my cradle days, circa '83 i believe?)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A beat needed to hash out this scribble

listen son just like you've heard
this world operates around just one word
it spun then shook and got hung up
when it separated AM from I
and then got stuck

we now bleed the reasons
now turned to excuses
it builds pride up
to whomever who chooses

your heart is a vessel
that can only emulate
what is set before it
it will only communicate

be it disaster or finest beauty
the heart responds
when the eyes they see

so cast your sight high
your vision to be
all that is good
yes all that is lovely

we must be a witness
to have a testimony
behold you'll change
when its not your glory

for the better not the worse
when His grace is your story
our name is Lazarus
cuz His name is the key

the doors wide open
and His light exposes
we can't see with one I
with permission to darkness

return to me
you who are weary
give me your I
i'll be your judge and jury

i'll announce you are mine
when you give me your I
my will your will
my life with no lie

I'll be your I AM
yes i'll be your Father
your names not orphan
for I have called you Son

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scribbles for the future

I'm involved with something that is requiring much of my time/design skills. I can't wait to share much more, but when i do it will be on a bigger public scale! I have been pushing what i do, and have been much inspired here in the great southwest. I want to share a lot of what i've been doing because it is much further then what i've done before, but alas i must be patient. So heres a little NO THEFT identity for you.

Monday, December 17, 2007

ABC's Graffiti Styles

The first day i get to Santa Fe i pull out my sketchbook and start my scribbles and my youngest brother Vincent (who also draws a lot) asks about graffiti and how to draw some graffiti letters, i gladly oblige and show him 4 letters to emulate. He quickly duplicates and adds a little bit of his own style that i praise him for as well. Today he comes home and reminds me that i was going to sketch out the whole alphabet for him so he could see the whole alphabet graffiti style, i do all capitals A-Z and then all lowercase a-z. In this teaching lesson i do a piece that's up above using the name of my friend mike. He goes by Mykonius as i go by NO THEFT in all my pieces. This is one of my scribbles yo! oh and check out Faber-Castel pens, they are my newest addition to my arsenal! YUMMY YUM YUM!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Return to Me

It would be so much easier to give blood from these veins,
take a pound of flesh from my side,
have my guitar and their old tunes,

even my dreams that occupy my motivation,
but to have more room in
this mind,
to surrender these thoughts,
these instincts and old highways,

its so hard to do.
Sometimes the theory of take is so pleasing,
but then love
would loose its name,
and could never be trusted again.

So what must i see oh Lord
to let the way side collect my discards?

What must i see
to let this old world and its pattern
in me dim out?

Oh how your love operates,
You give though i give nothing.

Let this wake me!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some Summa Snaps

Bruce getting his haircut outside of the Java something

Bruce at the keys during the 18 hour seesion at Robot Room twas FIERCE

Outside of Java somethin' before we played a show!

Brian from Seven Year Absence sippi'n on the java at Canon Beach, a wonderful
wonderful day!

A fence made of chain not much to say

"It can, and it is!"

Sneakers and Sesame Street! These are a few of my favorite things!

Kicks ala Tre Chic!

The nearness of avocado's to my heart is almost or equally matched by kicks!
Supra (leading kicks in the scene along with Creative Recreation) have just
released these and they be yummy!

Supra also hit up only 120 of these, as a hater of most things gold and glitter,
i actually am digging these!


Take me off the map!
Let no search prove a success!
Let the vague hide me!
Let the avenues give way
to the feet that seek me!

Let all be hidden!
The wants, the goods, the evils,
the failure reminders

Key a freedom into these habits
You and the back burners,
I mourn that you are buddies

No tear claims my cheeks
but i mourn, i want a voice
to this sorrow, a depth to
this repentance, a well dug
into your veins that i may
never thirst again

Give me the mind
to rid the switch
you highways
will be split
this beat from its chambers
will have no more divide

Let me breathe in your wilderness
I want not to take
Let me live the cost

They shall never enter my rest

Oh how i have not made time,
the waters past my shoulders,
my eyes on the flame,
my senses seiged and plagued,
a whimper to muster,
the rebuke i sing to myself:

When a man comes to death
What are his thoughts?
Does he care about his life or what it has meant?
Does he turn a glare in bitterness
That it must come to an end

Does he pour out his heart?
And unto whom?

Damned from the start
This Adam, this Eve
Their fear in their nakedness
Years of their war
Spilt blood in the seed
New man and new form

You my friend
Are still the same
You got nothing to say
Because you know you are wrong
You're decieved to think
You still can't choose
To give what you can't afford to loose

Won't you open your heart?
Won't you open your heart, to me?

Does the Maker step down
To share our last breath?
To give us peace that this earth cannot give
Is a lullaby sung with our head on His breast
As we sleep in our final rest?

Does He pour out His heart?