Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who is calling me?

Courtesy of Grayden

I can make silly faces

The Latest in Bullets

Remember that time you didn't post for a month or so cuz your computer died? NOT so awesome. Well in several weeks i shall be a most fortunate recipient of a new MAC that shall not dare fail me!
Upon its arrival i shall be a continuous blogger again :D I shall do a bullet point update now.

*Recordings for GV are coming up, an Ep with Karli &
our next full length w/ Pete Stewart in August

*Le Grand Cru site is OFFICIALLY done, just workin' the kinks :D watch out!

*I'm in a 4 bedroom house with amazing people, Tric, bruce and Nate

*I also have my own bed! 2 yrs, 2 bloody yrs of floors and sleeping bags!

*Might be recording on Tony Kevins Album in the early fall, YUM

*My mustache is back in FULL force

*i'm really behind in movies

*I'm eating my Mommas banana bread, i miss her a lot

*Its WAY too hot for seattle weather, whats the deal

*I'm taking pictures again

*I'm working on some songs for a solo debut!
I'm planning on recording in Jan.

Sunday, July 19, 2009