Thursday, August 25, 2011

Noah Gundersen | ST Paul De Vence | Keving Long X NO THEFT

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I recently was hired by the talents of Noah Gundersen | St Paul De Vence | Kevin Long to do a poster featuring them all. I saw an old picture of a Las Vegas sign that had all this great geometric shapes / great type employed for each artist littered thru out, and in my head I saw this come together. After working on the Oh Dear! album cover my eyes have been open to using much more color, this deff. shows that growth. I wanted to include some close ups on this poster, I feel like each close up could be painted on a canvas in an old sign painter style.

Thursday, August 18, 2011



I recently had the joy of reconnecting with my friends Jacob, Brandon, & Justin. Garage Voice used to play shows with some of their bands from Tacoma back in the day and now they are all in one band OH DEAR!, pretty exciting. Several things that hit me right away in approaching this design was 1) Their music is colorful so had to rep that 2) they have 2 drummers and how they arrange themselves on stage has almost perfect symmetry, so wanted to have that reflected 3) When I heard the mixes for this self release I kept coming back to the lyrical idea of 'everything I said kept coming back to me' so the whole thoughts of sending out signals / receiving signals / recording signals was born. Working with a jewel case format was new to me, so it allowed for the vision of the record to really expand. VANJA. shot all of the album art and helped me meticulously arrange all the pieces, would not have been possible without her assistance (can't wait for her site to be up so I can refer the world to her) Voila!

Please check out OH DEARS! new release HERE

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(inside tray, cd rests on top)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Open publication - Free publishing - More ace hotel

The 2nd Issue of CRU came out last week and it was an incredible humbling exciting process. I want to thank some people who made this issue specifically possible: Mike did some killer interviews, Brian brainstormed hard with me and delivered some great info graphics, Will did a great review on Zeitgeist and I'm stoked to see his words in every issue, Vanja hustled hard with me->proof reading, exporting, arranging deff. wouldn't have happened without her, Jennifer,Kaylyn,& Tina gave me great photos to work with.

I'm excited for Issue 3 that will coming out later this fall, Mike, Brian, & I are already hustling on it.

Take a minute and check the issue out then share!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


GV is going on tour! I can't wait to be back in CALI and see some of my other favorite people that don't live in Seattle. I'm specifically looking forward to SAN FRAN + SLO, some amazing shows booked there and amazing peeps. I'm really excited to show these new songs to our friends especially since the last time they saw us we were touring with Freeze & Thaw material. We got a lil more electric since then, hopefully no Bob Dylan thing will happen. ALSO this will be the first time we've toured with THEE organ, so that will be an interesting body building factor to our tour. Patrick & I are doing 2 GV tshirts for this tour! Stoked about that too. What else? OH Blue Bottle in San Fran WILL get raided. Jus sayin'.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tony Kevin Jr. x NO THEFT

My friend Tony is playing the Tractor Sept. 1st and my other friend Benjamin happens to be on the same bill, it's going to be a great night. When Tony asked me to do a poster for this show I had a defined direction pretty much nailed down, I talked to Tony about it and he told me as long as I can keep it to my simple style to pursue it. Well that kept bouncing in my head and I dropped my original idea and with the word 'simple' I set out on this poster. I wanted no texture, same muted variations on a color, and of course lots of space. I came up with this style, committed to it, and made up a story in my head. I'm excited about this direction and hope to carry on the themes/story into other pieces in the future.

I get to work on a lot of diff. projects and it's always nice to work with someone who trusts you to do something new with their name. Tony is one of a couple peeps who have really let me explore and I'm so thankful!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Tom Rorem of Lowlands asked me to do a special poster for their last show with Joel Schuman (an incredible piano player!) I was stoked to work on it and put some ideas i've been having for them down. There's something so classic about Lowlands, they have a great pulse on old America, I wanted to pull that out. So I antiqued it all, old Delivery truck delivering their goods, slight type treatments of the Gaslight era, and threw in a stripe for some motion as a current touch on the old that's in their sound. Don't miss this show!

I really want to screen print this one.

Garage Voice x NO THEFT

For awhile GV has been scheming on releasing a new site, a site that would be minimal, place high priority on single posts, and relate visually where we are going musically. We also wanted to be able to tell people exactly what we're doing with music and let that brand us, so we put 'GRIT, GOSPEL, & SPIRITUALS'. I also finally found a font I'm happy with to use with Garage Voice for awhile, its an old font used on old records from the 60's, I'm a big fan! So with our visual theme referring to the older nature of where we are going with our music we also decided to throw our names into the mix to match the old vinyl aesthetic of old Jazz/Blues/Gospel records.

After several attempts with genre / color / type, we all agreed on this! Bruce found this great accordion tab feature & did all the back end stuff with our friend Nate True, he's really developed a fine touch for Wordpress stuff, seriously, if you want someone to help redo your site into an easily manageable site, you need to get in touch with Bruce. Here are some screen caps of the site. Make sure to visit too!

We also brought the branding over into our bandcamp, its nice seeing similarity in both aye?