Saturday, September 25, 2010

Togetherness is better than apartness

I again have had to wait for Vanja to come back to Seattle. She's promised to never go back to Michigan again unless it's with me and has assured me no more babies will be happening anytime soon from her sister...not really to either. Holding her hand has to be my favorite thing in the world, next in line is avocado's, sweet tasty yummy avocado's...MMmmmm.. ALSO Vanja has my favorite smile, crazy huh? and apparently she owns many sunglasses.

Patrick Toney

I've known Patrick since 2000. Since then we've done a lot together: Went to Mexico and upon our return started a band with Bruce Pearson, gone thru many hair styles, many all nighters, dated sisters (I'm still with mine :D) , went to a Seattle Super Sonics basketball game before Oklahoma took em, grew out our beards for a month with our good friend Mert, moved to Seattle and shared the same roof for the last 6 yrs, we've been accountable to each other in many areas, we've eaten SO many fried egg sandwiches and ramen (he likes putting pieces of lettuce in his), we've shared some design projects recently that I only see getting bigger/better, we've made each other endless pots of French Press, we've jumped in on the same melody/harmony/whistle out of the blue countless times, we've shared a lot of clothes, we've spotted each other so many times, we've become firm on Coca Cola.

This is what I can think of in a couple minutes. He had a birthday on Thursday and had the good fortune of having his mom here for it. I count Tric the dearest of friends and am blessed to call him my brother. Pat him on the back the next time you see him, if you gain him as a friend your life will be richer in SO many ways.

Friday, September 17, 2010


All B&W series over at GV's site on our latest printing project. Shrek it out!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Claire's House Warming

Claire invited us to an incredible house warming last eve. I had the BEST hot dog i've ever had, seriously, Lebanese cream cheese, home made olive tapenade, Dijon mustard, ketchup, grilled onion, wheat bun, beef with no extra crap. HOLLA! I didn't get a single non blury foto of Claire, but her back is towards you at least. Congrads Claire! What a lovely time & place you have!

Monday, September 13, 2010

LGC x The Courage

Le Grand Cru teamed up with The Courage for a special T-shirt to celebrate their first official full length record. Only 100 were made and was first available last night at their album release show. They will be available during their tour in support of 'Fearful Bones' as well as briefly on LGC's site.

I'm very fond of The Courage and to create with them in mind was a true delight. High Five friends, so proud of you and your craft!

NO THEFT x Paper Astronomer

This past Friday my good friend Melodie & I printed 100 ltd. screen prints of my latest piece for Paper Astronomer's show at the Tractor Tavern. It's one of my favorites. It's an incredible thing to have an idea, sketch it out, and 2 days later being a print. A great satisfaction.

Another satisfaction that trumps this greatly is having the trust of a client. The trust to deliver a piece that's the best compliment and natural extension to their craft. I've worked numerous times with PA and each time they have let me pursue casting a vision and running with it. This trust has allowed me to push what I do in exploring new design directions even though some of em may be nasty. This piece has surpassed my vision for it. I'm well pleased. GO to this show, ALSO my boy Tony Kevin Jr. is playing too, HOLLA!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Gotta Girl

I have a girl and we're both from Michigan. We love to go to the lake and she'd probably say that she loves to go to the lake and that she has to drag me along until I say 'babe, that's not true, I love the lake'. This one time we got a spicy chiken sandwhich, medium frie, lrg coke on the way to the lake. She wasn't hungry and jus said 'I'll have a bite of yours' which meant that in a short few minutes she would actually be hungry and I would give half of everything I would have to her even though she would be like 'no babe, i don't want to eat your food, jus eat it' and what man could sit around eating food when his girl is hungry? ALWAYS get more than one frie.
We both have sweet teal shoes.

Things I sometimes forget about Vanja: She can speak Croatian fluently. Crazy right? She only pulls out the eastern tongue for the Sabbath blessing and when speaking to the fam. Mob? She can be really street hard, faces, getting things done, clothes, music, hand signs, did I mention faces? She loves fresh flowers and I never get them for her, food or flowers...never mind, that's a lost battle, FLOWERS. She loves kids, being around em, teaching them, playing, taking care of, I see such a beautiful side of her when she's around children, it's oh so nice. She's FEARLESS, seriously, what she's willing to do, jump out of planes, take buses late at night, invite homeless people to join our table when we eat out, do dishes as soon as we're done eating, grocery shop with a ravenous boy, move to Seattle to be closer to me :D WOOT WOOT!

Something I forget about myself: I love my birth place Paris, when I hear someone speak French my mind works differently, new synapsis, old memories, I melt a little and then get sad because I don't speak French and haven't been home since '86. I'd like to spend a chunk of my life in France one day, reconnect with my family, work and write French music.

This is what a Friday evening in Michigan looks like during the summer. I didn't edit this photo at all, just like this. I miss Michigan and I miss my girl too.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paul Mcobb

I jus found another desk I would enjoy having. Maybe in the future den?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm drawing more and finding more fonts that I like to work with. In regard to color/mood I think of one word for this piece, and it happens to be one of my favorite words: Apothecary.
Come out to see my pals Lower Lights Burning on the 17th!

Richard Amsel 1947-1985

This brother produced such iconic work in his short life, he did movie posters for Indiana Jones, Chinatown, Hello Dolly, The Sting, very prolific. The amount of his memorable work for such a short time challenges & inspires me. This week has been the busiest week of my life thus far. My time is precious these days, so recapping hasn't been a priority. I can't wait to show some of the latest pieces that are coming out of these hectic crunches. For now look at this swell piece above.