Monday, January 31, 2011


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Noah Gundersen asked me to do a screen print for his show with Sea Fever / Pablo Trucker in December. I needed to make a print that could be sold at the show and at the same time promote it. I couldn't find a solution that I liked enough so I made 2 diff. prints. One that is all type based and the other piece strictly for Sea Fever in promotion of their album release of "Go Find Your Love". The diff. type faces together was a breeze and I took some of the hand drawn parts and moved em over to the strictly Sea Fever print. Theme wise I wanted to push old nautical shipping town aesthetics. I used some old type, drew some images from old black & white photos from the 1800's and making the entire print 1 color sealed the deal.

It's great to start the year with new prints, they will first be available at this show! I'm going to be doing more prints this year, branching out with bigger projects/clients, and launching my site (in about 3 weeks!). Here are some close ups: