Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kick me Twice BUT not Thrice

I have new shoes. In fact i had 2 new pairs 2 weeks ago. PUMA selects. YUM. Found them at WINNERS in canada for CRAZY cheap, these are like 150 dollar shoes. They felt so good in the store and the price tag was to good to pass up. 3 days after i have them my feet are just not happy in them, they're soar, i'm shifting in the heal, the front folds on my foot wrong, its plain aweful and miserable and i'm disappointed. I think poorly on my decision to get those kicks as yummy looking as they were. ( I can hear my mom saying 'theres a spiritual application here')

My brother needed to shoe hunt for his trip to italy and i jumped at the chance (any chance really) to look at kicks. I point some Merrell shoes which he ends up getting and as hes chatting up the sails kid i see these sweet looking North Face shoes. What will it hurt? Size 8 is brought out to me and i slip my feet into the glass slipper...ITS GOOD! GOAL! crazy whistles i'm running sliding on my knees ripping my shirt pointing #1 up to the sky..ben asks 'why are you trying them on' cuz i need to. I came back to the South Bend yesterday to claim them. My feet are happy, oh so happy, i walk and my feet breath, i take a step and my shoes cushion my every step, i turn and my shoes grip the earth for my stability, i like my new shoes. They are like my old VET. shoes by New Balance that i abused for 3 years straight. These are them. YUM.


just another Plain Jane said...

Ooooooh! Those are purty! :D I bought some Pumas maybe a year or two ago... (I love the looks of them). They are fine for little outings, but once, I went out all day in them and they wore a blister on the back of my heel! :(

I recently purchased some Teva sandals. My sister has had some for years that she only purchased for $20. I have been looking for some for myself since then, but everything I had seen since, even similar, was like $79 a pair! I was not about to pay that much for a pair of sandals when my sister got some for only $20. I finally found some for $34.99. I thought that was fair, since she has had hers forever. They are really comfortable too! :)

Sarah Jane said...

You and the word(s) YUM/YUMMY....I think I read it like 14 times.....j to the I am happy about how happy your feet are now 2 times over!

israel said...

haha, i just got new shoes today! some merrels. i really don't feel right spending money on myself, so, there is a chance that i might take them back, but they are nice to have. i was going to work, and the only shoes i had to wear were breathie! so, they would be soakie too. i stopped by rei, and eyed a couple shoes that i have been eyeing for the last couple months. after a slight debate in my head, i decided to get them for fear that if i came in again, they would arrest me for stalking them! they are great, and i look forward to hiking with them when i go back to the black hills next week.

i have a shoe fetish.... so if you ever want to go "look" at shoes with someone.... i'll go! subtly of course.

Anonymous said...

I have some Pumas that I bought in 2003 and I've worn them about a dozen times. Great arch support, but (like Jackie said) after a few hours they hurt the back of my heel -- and the velcro comes updone all the time. Plus, they are the most expensive shoe I've ever bought ($99.) that I get nervous wearing them because 1) I dont want to get them dirty, 2) they are have lots of little holes in them to let your feet breathe (not great for all the rain we get in Western Washington), and 3) if they get dirty & wet, what will I do when my arch acts up (I have problems with my arch). Ah, Pumas... so nice to look at & to wear (at first), but poorly designed.

p.s. the ones that you bought, if you really dont like them, you could always list them on EBAY.