Thursday, November 6, 2008

Zurick Shoes

I really like what Zurick is doing with their shoes. They are simple,
crisp, and clean. They also look really well made. I've been thinking
about the winter and how white hightops don't really make it past
fall in flying colors and that when the cold months come so do gross
weather conditions that harm nice white high tops. So i thought
that black kicks would be good. I've seen some i like by Sneaky Steve
and Lacoste but tonight i stumbled on these new Zurick kicks and
you what this specific pair is called?.......THOMAS!

How suh-weet is that?!

It must be a sign! hehehee..

A sign that i need a job so i actually could afford shoes! Word!


Aaron M said...

Mo sent me your arrival dates, so I'm working on your schedule! Perhaps adding these to your wish list is a good idea.

willwindow said...

Homie, I visited the Zuriick site--mad decent! You bit me. And now I've got the feva!!