Friday, November 7, 2008


Vanja and I have an affinity towards older cars. The angular shape of them, the cool interiors with hard plastic angles, nice leather seats, sometimes they even have wood in the dash and other accents in arm rests. The controls inside older cars are really cool as well with very sparse and simple design. It always make me think of the early 80's and communist Germany and then Goodbye Lenin! (such a great film).

Last Sunday between catching and missing busses we found this gem with cool metal rack and wood accents on top for packing fun stuff on. It was an old rabbit. :D Vanja walked a couple steps past after we had taken pictures and thought she should turn and right a message to be placed under the windshield wipers which read 'if you ever want to sell or get rid of this awesome car please contact me at...' :D She's pretty cool and so is this car. The second snap is of her writing the message on the hood!!! I tried editing them a little like how a Holga would take them. I think the 3rd snap is the closest to that intention. MMMm.. Holga Vanja shot a roll with her Holga at one of the days that GV was in the studio! woot woot!


Anonymous said...

aw... those pictures make me miss me old '79 VW Rabbit that I sold 2 years ago for a mere $575. (& yes everyday I ask myself, "why did I do THAT?")

I pray that someday I can find an older Rabbit (or Cabriolet)... and then sell my current car!!

TIP TOP said...

you're pretty cool too i might add...