Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Touch With a Legend

Friday I put the guitar down after finding the right tones
for the next track to take a break and decide on lunch.
I see I have a very strange area code from a missed call
and usually am suspicious of people ringing me who
I don't know. For some reason I think I should call
this number back right away so I ring the number.

'hello i believe i just missed your call?'

"Hey Tommy! Man I'm glad you returned my call"

'Yeah but I don't know who I'm speaking to, who is this?'

"It's me Pedro!"

"Whoa! Cool I haven't talked to you for ages how are you?!"

"Just great, I just flew into Seattle and was wondering if you
guys were still here and i have a couple hours before i
need to be somewhere and was wondering if we could
meet up?"


We quickly make arrangements to do lunch at Panera
and the anticipation builds! Here's the history folks:
Pedro is actually Pastor Pedro my old youth pastor from
back in the glory years of Michigan. I was super close to
him during that time he came and he was actually one
of the first people to hear garage voices' first songs
7 years ago! :D He has given an ear and arms to hug
thru many crazy details of my life from mistakes,
doubts, to vanja, to the death of my grandpa, He
has always been dear and close to my heart. To
have him pop in just like that in the middle of
the recording process was really special as well,
he knew us before we started and now where we are
7 years later to see how much we've grown as
people and as a band. It was so special to have a
hero of mine back in my tangible life for an
afternoon. Here we are in our smiles!

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