Friday, November 21, 2008

D'lish for the needy

What is this picture? I'll tell you! BAM!

It's 2000+ Korean folks in Seoul making Kimchi for the needy,
thas whuz up! I used to eat this everyday at the dental lab
on Beacon Hill. Uncle Kim would prepare some Kimchi,
and Sunny would make some rice or miso. I would get the
plates ready, I'm not gifted in Korean cooking, not yet that is!
Know what I'm sayin'?! There's always room to grow.
Get Korean and eat some Kimchi!

What is it? WELL its a traditional pungent dish of fermented
vegetables mixed with chilli. Usually it's made out of cabbage,
but once I had some that was made out of this radish that was
bigger then a decent sized baking potato! Not many people
can stomach it, but you have to try it if you haven't before.
You'll never have anything like it, I promise.

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