Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sabbath 2

Sabbath afternoon is a time for great food, great friends, & great
interaction. Tric, Melissa, and I spent the afternoon at Vanja's
casa and had a feast of amazing goodness. I love this picture of
Tric above, it reminds of Carol Kings album cover of Tapestry
for some reason, maybe its the warmth and shadows? Dunno.

Vanja made an amazing potato/rice casserole, bruschetta, and
a lovely salad. I jumped in on the zucchini/squash/onion saute
blend. For refreshments we had Cherry Capri Sun and 7up!

Dessert was Turtle brownies fresh out of the oven with French
Vanilla ice cream, it was gone before I could take a picture!

The Beautiful Chef!

We listened to jazz during the whole day and some Delta Spirit.
We looked at some of Vanjas latest pictures from Europe and
some of her latest wedding shots and i was blown away by them,
supreme quality. I drew a bunch of silly drawings and a portrait
of Melissa under a minute, not to much quality there!

We ended the Sabbath with a couple of songs on an out of
tune guitar, Patrick on the banjo, and Vanja on the harmonica.
We read a chapter out of Psalms and closed with prayer. It was
a delightful Sabbath afternoon. I want all my friends to enjoy
the peace and nourishment of Sabbath like this and even more
than this. There's nothing like it, you can't reproduce it, it is a
gift given to us by God to enjoy Him and each other. So look
forward to your next Sabbath!

Oh and if you guys have any recommendations for other
wonderful Sabbath afternoon things to do give me a shout,
we can grow from each other!


Anonymous said...

it was a great afternoon, and a good evening, too :)

the spool artist said...

wow, the food looks yummy! my comliments to the chef... and i love the moody tinge on your photos too!

TIP TOP said...

i love that picture of patrick. it's really nice.

Anonymous said...

I also love that picture of Patrick.

It defines the day.

heatherly said...

you're making me jealous. your days sound so blissful. i am also glad that you are blogging so often!

Mr. Rush said...

You have the good life!