Saturday, November 1, 2008


We've been in the studio for the past 3 days from 10ish to 7ish and
for some reason i feel completely exhausted. Each day we play
the same song over and over and get maybe 2 songs done on average.
It's loads of fun and a bit challenging. The sound that is coming
from what our producer can do is crazy good. The tones are dlish
and he has a great ear for adding things, fixing things, taking away
things, just a great balance that has quickly earned our trust.

But back to being tired.
It's nice to take a break from it. It's nice to step back. It's nice
to put your mind on something entirely different.

HAPPY SABBATH! The cure to any difficult week, to any
exhaustion, and to many faithless moments. I'm savoring
this one for sure.

I pray you kids receive the rest and peace you deserve!

SAVOR IT! It's a special day designed with you in mind!


Anonymous said...

Happy Sabbath, Tommy!

Matthew said...

Love 'le' everything! ze frog! I don't believe it was you; I want you to do another video but this time with the camera on your face. And special guest Vanja! Vanja can talk and you can voice over. That would be most appropriate, I think. I miss you guys. Looking forward to new tunes. Happy Sab, Thomas! Silent 'es,' you know how you do...

Yasi Xu said...

this is totally somethin i would want to write about too. i LOVE the 4th paragraph.