Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dress Kicks

In the shoe scene right now it is important to cash in on the
dress-tenni-shoe. They are super versatile from dressed up
to dressed down. They wear like a dress shoe but feel like a
tenni-shoe when you walk. Good looks and comfort?

Who would have thought?

It's a great oppurtunity for start up shoe companies to have
instant eyes on their product because they are rising on the
bell curve of demand and that means after the trend setters
get their hands on them the mass market stores will produce
great quantities and flood the market with imitations.
So if your are a manufacturer or have ever dreamed of
making shoes, make dress high top kicks or lo-cut kicks now.
If you are a buyer or collector, get em now while they
are hot and before the made quantities lower the quality
and excite the demand.

The latest brand to make em fresh & hot are a company
called Schmoove, their site is gross for navigation, but check
out their latest collection. Here are some yummy samples.
They are also available online at URBN if you enjoy em as
much as i do and have a 150+ bones to spare. K i don't have
that currency cred, but yeah i dream.

(click on image for larger/detailed view)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

those look like "jazz boots"... like from the dance supply stores. Hmm. Thats interesting.