Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Latest in Snaps

Le Grand Cru had some amazing times working on the BLOG that will
be released sometime in December over in Walla Walla with one of
my hero's Dallas Reedy. He's genius at fonts,web, humor, drums and
beard.. hehehe. On the way I stopped in Stevens Pass to take some
amazing pics of the trees in the fog. It's my favorite part of the
trip anywhere east Washington.

Mike,Ben,Vanja,Roald and I went for some mile high coffee
on the 40th floor of the tallest tower in Seattle. The white tower
with the point used to be the tallest tower here, alas no longer

Ben Blood turned another year wiser with a tasty chocolate cake
made by the amazing chef Vanja. She even made a camera using
the frosting! How cool? That's my girl!


Melissa said...

40th floor... ah... thats nothing...

I get to go to the TOP floor of the same building in just a couple of weeks :)

roald said...

twas a pretty awesome weekend i say! :)