Thursday, February 28, 2008

Draw Everyday!

I've been inspired with Chris' 30 days of drawing, so i'm committing myself to drawing everyday, sometimes i draw just one thing, but other days i'll draw 4-5. Vanja aka SHOOT TAKE IT ripped this old small book (kinda molskine size but 5x thicker) thats has either german or latin written all over it for me to draw in, she's doing the same thing. Its been a blast drawing over small 8pt words, just haveing the background be something diff. then blank white has allowed me to really explore new areas & approach composition anew! I'll be posting them daily i think when i get a scanner, i want to finish the book while i'm in michigan.


Melissa said...

that sounds really cool.

Karli Ann said...

i would like to draw for fun.! can't wait to see the daily doodle entry. (: