Sunday, February 24, 2008

Item Layout

I've seen the birds eye view of layed out items as the current display of ones identity. The wonderful thing about this is that this method has been floating around and popping in numerous scenes from Times magazine, graffiti kids, sneaker geeks, design peeps, target adds, fine art photos etc. I'm not too sure where this started, i'd love too know, but my hunch is that the layout happened to surface with the graffiti kids, examining their necessary tools for accomplishing street hits. It also originates earlier without as much pop back in WWII era where the Airborne troops would layout all that would be carried on them on their shoots and slowly but surely package it on their person. Now this can also be seen in the tidy sterile operating rooms where needles, scalpels, bandages would be laid out next to the nurses and doctors.

I love the math behind layout, composition flourishes the most in layout i think. I'm not dissing on the painters, the sketch kids, the mural artists, personal opinion digs publication & print the most. I dig this! Check it! If anyone has more history behind layout give me a shout!


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jamila said...

i'm so intrigued yet so confused. maybe cuz i didnt quite read this proper stylz.