Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Persona & Product

The whole marketing of taking some famous kids face/features/skills and applying it to a product has had this world spun for decades now, ballers and their kicks, models and makeup, musicians and signature stuff, some of that makes sense but then there the stupid side of things like some pitcher saying this drink is the best, this car dealer rocks, this mustache wax is fly. Today i was excited/thrilled at Woodwind & Brasswind because there in the used section was Nick Valensi's signature guitar! He's from one of my top 3 bands called the Strokes, and so of course i wanted to feel/hear the magic. eeeeewwww...i just said magic, so i picked it up, warmed up the tubes on the amp, and played some tunes. DISSAPOINTED. poor sound, poor action, poor tone, twas aweful. I felt the same way about Paul McCartneys guitar as well, whats with cheap end stuff being signature of some famous kid? ugh, i would be offended if something was suppose to have my stamp of approval and it was way crappy. The only thing i've been stoked about are kicks of ballers or designers, those rarely disappoint. This is a rant. I love those Strokes kids. done.

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