Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Design Traits

Things are on the next step with my biz partner Mdot! Fruition of our 3-4 months work will soon be visible to a select posse! It's been mad difficult doing this all on the hush hush save several of you kids we've shown views to. Here is a little more of what i can share:

As of last friday we have a domain name so web stuff will be up soon. Some of you may know of Psmoov hip-hop producer/lyricist extraordinaire out of Seattle, he has suited up to assist us with some of his works both in beats & design, so its an honor to have him as a guest.
Shoot Take It has agreed to work with us with her snap genius when the fruition occurs, and Ben Blood has been at the start with this all with his words of counsel/assistance/skill. Those are some of the name drops, we got some more to come but that's still SHHHHHHH... We plan for more exposure to happen in 1 months time, so i'll give some advance warning to know the where abouts of the get down!

Design Elements in my currents

:Strong type work including tight kerning, mostly filled in sometime outline, & at the moment sans-serif, large fonts next to small fonts, having fonts in your composition horizontal and vertical and occasional 45 degrees sloping up or down. Fonts in my currents:Avant Garde of course, Lietz Lindauhamburg, Makisupa, & Geist Kat (in rare appearance)

COLOUR: Bold solid colors with unusual pairings, no gradients, either 1-2 color process, 3-4 color process, or the sky is the limit, in those pairings do i work. latest in my groove is (mustard yellow, grey, light blue) (light olive green, peach, tomato red) (the primaries baby!) (warm purple, grey, silver) (black, white, harvest yellow) (teal, orange, lavender, gold)

STROKE: dashed lines, heavy strokes next to thin strokes,

COMPOSITION: plenty of negative space, image and type equally sharing focal point, repeating themes either in pattern or image at small scale, hints of symmetry, if on threads
looking for the unusual, if on print wherever the main focal point its having plenty of interesting negative space to either create weight or direction.

THEMES: Anything thats moving towards uplifting/challenging/activist and when i say activist i don't mean creating something new or building hype about something else, i'm talking keeping hope of no more tears and the promise of life to the fullest by Jesus translated to visual stimulants. Staying away from the following: heart, skull, sex, substances.....i'm done with the overused. EXCEPT for lightning bolts, something about those criss angles gets me everytime.

LATEST INFLUENCES: Anything from the art-deco thru Bauhaus movements with all the mad math genius behind grids/layout/fonts sweeps me. Smoothed out graffiti in transfer from streets to desktop, 123KLAN, TEN HUNDRED, Jambi (she's in my pals!)old record sleeves, ISO 50, In Rainbows, Winter by Jon Foreman, Delta Spirit, Creative Recreation kicks, ADRA, TOMs Shoes, JUSTICE D.A.N.C.E music video, feeling comfy, Hot coco & granola w/vanilla yogurt, cut red grapes, half a banana (how many na's are in this thing?) cut up, dimitri martin, Publications include: Antenna, Graphik, Wild at Heart, W.I.R.E.D (andru gots me hooked!), NYLON for both ladies and gents, Layout Look Book, Dhas iz all!!

, SHOOT TAKE IT, HEATHERLY, K BANKS, JAMBI, ROB MASON, JESSE (Dripping panda kid), TRIC, AMMIEL,to write scribbles on their currents in the design field! be creative abouts it! CHEERS :D

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heatherly said...

your words make the images pop-off the screen. it's absolutely lovely. i'm excited to share my design thoughts in my blog, thanks to you!