Monday, February 4, 2008


Sometimes when i'm down the only thing that comforts me is a sad song. Maybe it's not comfort, maybes its that i'm joined in my being down. I hate it now. Some songs i just can't listen to any more or artists for that matter. There's enough to be down about without someone lulling their sorrow into mine.

There is something to be said to what the apostle paul wrote 'mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice'. When someone you love is down, or is hurt by circumstances, that injures you with the same wound too because they are dear to you, you may not feel the full force of the wound, but you feel the sting too. The soar spot of love. When someone has achieved something they've been working for or any measure of success you join them in their joy. The soft spot of love. When you match rejoice to mourn it can be messy. For instance, when someone has died close to you, and all people can say first off is 'hey, you'll see them again when Jesus comes', i'm not dissing on hope, but there is a time of sorrow that must be processed. Jesus wept outside the tomb of Lazarus bam!

Since finding out i can't use my voice for a bit there have been so many people who have come to my comfort and support, their care has also shown me the severity of what's going on more then i was processing it to be. That must be another benefit to having people join you in your time of mourning or rejoicing. Maybe their experience of the similar matter helps you process your way out too. Experience the best teacher and such, it kinda sucks that we can always relate on pain with each other so quickly, BUT it is WAY better then a sad song for a down moment.

Thank you lovely ones for your prayers, words, hugs, smiles, messages.
You are mourning with me, i invite you to rejoice with me soon :D


vanja. said...

i was JUST thinking about this today. God has developed in me such empathy towards other people and their experiences as of late, that i feel it so vividly. and along with karli's start to realize that God is the only one that can fill certain needs and all you can do if feel for people and pray/laugh/cry with them. because then we begin to live/feel the love He has for them and us too.

jamila said...

the soar spot of love.

i feel it son son. but i'm excited to see what you get out of this experience. i see you've seen some fruits in it already.

these could be the most revealing few days by far.