Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chris Gray Everybody

Chris Gray is a Brit Illustrator who decided to create 1 decent looking illustration a day for 30 days straight. Each design has a common thread of bold/simple color/clever elements and from what i've read will be put on tshirts! God Save the Queen for the provision of fertile English avenues that brought up this gent! These are some of my favored prints! To check out his other 26 or so prints check out YUMMY YUM YUM! (oh and for the love of all thats good please, some one, tell me the html for creating links so i can just connect you kids to what i share!! WORD!)


Ben said...

Look halfway down the page for how to create links. Or, Blogger should have a shortcut when you're writing a post. It may look like a chain "link" - I don't know. I don't use Blogger.

Melissa said...

those are cute.

Melissa said...

I was just looking at this again. I like the teeth one. I mainly like it 'cause that would be so cool to wear to work :)

Plain Jane said...

Those are awesome...and funny!

This site helps me out a bunch on basic codes, including the one you are looking for:
My Gen 2.5