Saturday, February 2, 2008

El Sucko

Two mornings ago i awake from a burning pain running the inside of my ear down to the bottom of my throat. I think a hot shower and some hot tea will combat the fire but to no avail. I trace my steps back to think of any logical reason my body would be this angry with me. Nothing comes up. It hurts to speak, it hurts to swallow, it hurts to sing, 3 very important areas to my life, especially with being in the middle of a tour. I call bruces sister to get the skinny on whats going with my vox to see if its vocal damage or something else. She speaks to her peeps in the music posse and gets back to me with alarm. Either i'm bleeding in the throat, i have a viral something or other, or there's vocal strain going on! YIKES! So this is what bruces sister told me to do:

1) Don't speak between shows, only sing at shows
and don't give it the gusto i do while doing so

2) Drink hot tea right before performing

3) After the tour i can't speak or sing for a month

4) Spray this stuff in my throat to help the pain

A bit scary right now. It hurts all the time and its just one more thing on top of all that the devil has been throwing at me in the last 2 months. I'm hard pressed but not forsaken.



Anonymous said...

oh tommy! yikes! worst nightmare sickness for a singer. i'm so sorry for you. can you go see a doctor? I will pray!

Cara said...

you're in my prayers! i miss you!

erica said...

tommy o tommy... this is terrible.. i will pray...

Anonymous said...

Tommy.... everyone is sick right now. I hope that is all it is. You meet a lot of people everyday, so it would be very easy for you to come in contact with people who are sick (I've been sick for a month, I know about half a dozen people who've been sick for a month).. Its really cold out, which is never good for throats, ears. Last week you played in a venue with no heat. Two weeks ago you did some badass karaoke.

I agree with Karli, you should see a doctor. And if you dont have insurance, I dont know about wherever you are, but... sometimes pharmacies & stores (example QFC in U-Village) have things called "10 Minute Clinics", or "Minute Clinic" where you pay like $30. to see a doctor for 10 minutes, and they check you out & give you a deal on meds. Its worth looking around for.

And go to the Natural section of the grocery store (I usually go to Fred Meyers) & get this tea called "TROAT COAT" (not the lemon Throat Coat, the original Throat Coat). It takes some getting used to, it takes like licorice & slippery elm ('cause thats the ingredients), but your throat will love you for it.

Oh, yeah... and you should ask Erik Johnson about what vitamins could help you. That guy knows everything about vitamins!!!

Steph said...
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Steph said...

Oh no! This is a real bummer, but Satan shall not prevail! Just take real good care of yourself and remember the power of prayer. It looks like a lot of us praying for ya, kid.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, I'm with you on this one! Remember: Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4). Claiming it on your behalf, bro!

andthentherewerewords said...

Hi Tommy,

Add me to the numerous friends praying for you. I pray that your voice will come back to you soon and that it will be fully healed.


Tommy said...

Friends thank you! Your prayers make the diff. i feel the love! :D It's a bit scary and i'm in the middle of having to decide whats best for the next!