Saturday, March 1, 2008

Paper Bound!

Kitsune Noir (in my pals list as best design blog ever) is a mean treat of sweet goodness in the blog world. While viewing every blog that he has posted i came across a sweet little notebook reminiscent of my favored Moleskine note books, so after examining the insides and outs of FIELD NOTES and their use of FUTURA in all of the type i thought i should share this with fellow rocker as we both share the love of small notebooks. SO for 9.99 plus too much for shipping we sent away for them! Last night we got them in and found a sweet pen and pencil in addition as well as a sweet decal and calender! YUMMY! It's graph paper inside (my favorite) and the lines are like a khaki colour.

SO here are the pros versus the M notebooks:

Inside the front cover theres printed lines of who the book belongs to, pertinent coordinates, the start/completion date of that specific notebook, sweet graph paper with khaki lines as said earlier, in the back inside cover there is a ruler printed on the edge, a short story of how FIELD NOTES got started, 1-30 ways to use your FIELD NOTES ex. Last Will/Testament, Small Schematics, Treasure maps, Shoddy sketches. All printed in the states, w/ recycled goodness. You get 3 notebook that have 48 pages each, just like the small M note books.

Here are the cons versus the M notebooks:

No back pocket! I use that skinny pocket all the time for scraps of found goodness, no pages that detach in the back (if you want to jot something down quick styles to give to someone without ripping the rest of your works out in their hand), and its bound by 3 staples instead of sewed in.

OVERALL i still do enjoy the prestige of the classy look to these new FIELD NOTES, when i pick up my new FN pen and this notebook i feel like i'm going to contribute more beauty to this world that i've discovered or made. It's like putting on a new pair of kicks. It changes your whole day :D

get some and test em out, FN tells you to email them with scans of how you are using their notebooks, how sweet is that? WORD! check em out! hit em up! Get more beauty out! :D


vanja. said...

man, your blog was SO much better written, as in clearly defined ;)

but mine was quick and to the point to get the word out! hehe

vanja. said...

kitsone noir or however you spell his amazing name sounds like a fantastic band name to me. it's so cool!

Anonymous said...


So cool that you found another medium for all your great insights/notes/whatever! And I totally dig the pic of you at the top of the blog - very chique (espeicially the feather!). Hey hope all is well with you, man, keep in touch. Peace!

Bobby S. said...

Mr. Tommy,

Thanks for all the praise! It's still totally weird and bizarre to see that people enjoy my site so much, haha...

I carried around my Field Notes in my back pocket for months until the cover eventually fell off. And then I got an iPhone so now I use my notepad on there instead of my Field Notes.

Still an awesome product though.