Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm getting some NO THEFT biz cards made. A bit overdue.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Nice illustrated print for Patagonia by Geoff McFetridge (a Legend)
they have some sweet T's, check em out.


I posted this album cover done by Invisible Creature a little bit ago that I really dug for the band Young The Giant. Yesterday along Switchfoot, The Almost, Ok Go, Dynamite Walls, and others, this band got up on stage and caught my attention. It was love at first sound. Think Delta Spirit and The Walkmen joining forces to be one band. Thats how good live they were. I'm now really nervous about getting their upcoming record in case the production doesn't match up with their superb live set. Shoot, it was outdoors too and they killed it.

Watch out for these gents, i'm stoked!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is pretty accurate and amusing. Click to view bigger.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Find out how effected your digs would be HERE if the gulf spill hit you.


In the midst of furious hustle to produce work for clients it's nice to detach your digits from the computer and put em to use outside. Today I cleaned up the weeds clinging to the declining wall of our driveway. After that I decided to get one of our planter boxes packed with interesting flavor. I salvaged whats left of my terrarium (sorry Jen & Josh, they needed more sunlight than Seatown could give), my Ikea plant, and a lil flower and a single Rhododendron. I found some really neat moss around the cracks of our drive way and packed it around too.

I have another smaller planters box that I would like to plant some pretty flowers in. Anyone recommend some cheap pretty flowers to get? Maybe a couple of diff ones? Talk to me!

I've really been getting into plant life & farming. I most likely will end up on a farm one day while pursuing GV/design/LGC.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My pal/brother Ben Blood has jus taken some sweet snaps of Washington Mile! It's cool cuz i jus did a poster for them a little bit back. It's nice seeing different various creative types working with similar artists for different projects. High-Five Ben, and High-Five WM for working with him! Keepin' it local y'all in the TWO-O-SIX!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


My pal M Knight is having a HUGE birthday party this year. She's having pals from bands play, foto pals takin snaps, and all of this being at the Showbox Greenroom. For the space I think it's going to be crazy crammed by amazing people, looking forward to it.

M K wanted me to include musical notes/clouds for the poster to reflect the stage decorations. I stay far away from those elements usually, as well as hearts,skulls,lightning bolts, card symbols, etc. It was a challenge to try to find a way using those elements that I could agree upon. I decided to go with an old poster bill approach and stick to building a type structure layout first and then include the illustrated elements. I stuck to 2 colors for a letterpress hint and made them both a deep rich color. It was nice working on a piece that required a lot of text and structural play. Mind stretching!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Q is having a songwriter showcase specifically by the ladies! I instantly wanted to steer away from anything pink or outright girly BUT I did want to have a tender look. I stuck to muted colors, dashed crossing lines, slight curves to the ink pen, and a little cursive for the Jane Austen touch. I was concerned that if people only focused on ALL ladies songwriter showcase that they may dismiss it and miss out on a swell show. SO I kept the ladies out of the title.

I think diff. sexes can deff. bring wonderful unifying/differing perspectives. Regrettably, it can also bring quick judgmental views. With any art or profession I think a human being should be known by their skill & character, not their sex. Their sex is what brings an incredible insight that delivers a unique light onto their art/work. Jus some thoughts. I love the boys & girls! Stay nice to each other!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Remodel

I was in MICHIGAN for the past 3 weeks putting in floor boards for my Mom and repainting the walls. It's all brand new! Huhzah! My Mom snuck in some snaps of me slaving away.

living room

cutting boards

dining room

before & after of dining room

end of dining room/hallway to stairwell

finishing last section

Vanna White pose and getting Henry Winehard Rootbeer & celebrating like a man with my beast of a brother Benjamin (6'4 ya'll).

Monday, June 7, 2010


The small subtle sign outside

The beans I enjoy the most

A happy camper in San Fran's Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle has my favorite coffee in America so far. When we go thru San Fran I usually buy a bag or 2. This little bit below is about the coffee that I got from their site, it sounds high brow, it amuses and informs me. I just found out you can order from them! HUHZAH!

The Yirg is the most delicate of all Ethiopian coffees: the mint-julep-sipping younger sister to the burly, assertive Harrar, or the conniving Sidamo. At this roast-level (which we are calling medium-plus), much of the oven-cleanery aftertaste is eliminated, and what we are left with is a mild cocoa powder and vanilla bean flavor, with reasonably good body, and low but interesting acid. As it cools, hints of jasmine float delightfully to the surface. This is a coffee on the demure side: this organic Yirgacheffe is to hearty robust fudginess as Rickie Lee Jones is to impeccable diction. In spite of the above, it takes milk or cream reasonably well, and is best as a filter or French press.

Get some and Know em

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Paper Astronomer is doing a very special all acoustic show coming up. I don't know if I can share this or not, BUT Bruce & Abigail Gundersen MAY be joining them... PA can own both electric and acoustic sets. They toured with Garage Voice for 2 weeks strictly doing acoustic, did an album release show split acoustic/electric. The kids are versatile and I'm excited to see how they will flip this new record onto the acoustic side. For this piece I suggested an acoustic guitar with a moon eclipsing a light sun for some astronomy feel and for the sound hole.

I've been trying to change the venues name from being just on the poster to having an emblem/logo feel. I started doing this with Q Cafe pieces and now with 'Soul Food Books' I took a vintage publishing logo approach. This is one element of the poster design that I'm trying to refine to bring extra subtle differences.

You don't want to miss this show. It can be easy to skip a local artist show if they are playing often, been there for sure, but this is gonna be for the gums folks.


Lower Lights Burning are doing a show at the Q Cafe next week and the entire line up is WA roots. I had to do something with that, so I went old fashioned on the microphone and made it grow from WA state soil. Simple textures with simple diffused colors. BAM! If you want to hear quality NW music come on out! ALSO my pals Le Wrens are playing, and they are precious gems!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My good friend/brother Tony Kevin Jr is playing the Showbox market Greenroom soon with Young Lions. I'm always excited to hear of the doors opening for him and I'm stoked about this show! This is the first poster I've worked on with VANJA. (her site is coming soon, ahem..and so is mine), we've done the Paper Astronomer album cover together which was much more laborious, kinda funny how that happened before a poster. I did the type treatment and she took the Holga pictures. I love seeing film with design. Mmmmm. We ended up choosing 2 Holga shots for it, one taken off the Pike over pass & the other from the mountains views in Leavenworth, WA. A nice Seatown mix. I think we'll be working on more collabs in the near future.