Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Q is having a songwriter showcase specifically by the ladies! I instantly wanted to steer away from anything pink or outright girly BUT I did want to have a tender look. I stuck to muted colors, dashed crossing lines, slight curves to the ink pen, and a little cursive for the Jane Austen touch. I was concerned that if people only focused on ALL ladies songwriter showcase that they may dismiss it and miss out on a swell show. SO I kept the ladies out of the title.

I think diff. sexes can deff. bring wonderful unifying/differing perspectives. Regrettably, it can also bring quick judgmental views. With any art or profession I think a human being should be known by their skill & character, not their sex. Their sex is what brings an incredible insight that delivers a unique light onto their art/work. Jus some thoughts. I love the boys & girls! Stay nice to each other!

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