Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Remodel

I was in MICHIGAN for the past 3 weeks putting in floor boards for my Mom and repainting the walls. It's all brand new! Huhzah! My Mom snuck in some snaps of me slaving away.

living room

cutting boards

dining room

before & after of dining room

end of dining room/hallway to stairwell

finishing last section

Vanna White pose and getting Henry Winehard Rootbeer & celebrating like a man with my beast of a brother Benjamin (6'4 ya'll).


Kimberly Loomis said...

We (by we I mean Brad) have done floors like that twice. The hardest part was cutting the board to fit around the air duct thingy. That I did help with. Nice job! I also know what it's like to look much different than a sibling...but I'm adopted!

jennifer young said...

nice shirt you got on there young lad! (and amazing floors!--good job!!)

jamila said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaang. now that pretty gangsta!