Monday, June 21, 2010


In the midst of furious hustle to produce work for clients it's nice to detach your digits from the computer and put em to use outside. Today I cleaned up the weeds clinging to the declining wall of our driveway. After that I decided to get one of our planter boxes packed with interesting flavor. I salvaged whats left of my terrarium (sorry Jen & Josh, they needed more sunlight than Seatown could give), my Ikea plant, and a lil flower and a single Rhododendron. I found some really neat moss around the cracks of our drive way and packed it around too.

I have another smaller planters box that I would like to plant some pretty flowers in. Anyone recommend some cheap pretty flowers to get? Maybe a couple of diff ones? Talk to me!

I've really been getting into plant life & farming. I most likely will end up on a farm one day while pursuing GV/design/LGC.


Anonymous said...

I just did some gardening yesterday... planted some tomato plants into a planter box... at 10pm!!

After I was done, I realized that I forgot to loosen up the dirt around the plants before putting them into the planter, so I hope they still grow. Also, I made sure to put my coffee grounds in with the dirt because I hear that is a good thing to do, although I'm not sure what its really supposed to do.

Kimberly Loomis said...

Hi! So Bleeding Hearts are really cool and Marigolds as well. They'd be a good contrast...dainty mixed with bold.

TIP TOP said...

plant some red or orange poppy's! you can get a seed packet for really cheap and you don't have to do much to make em grow :D

and maybe some of those bulbs of those blue ones that look like giant seeded dandelions :)

yay for farming!

jennifer young said...

hehe no worries tommy! looks really good! good luck with your new green endeavors!