Monday, March 22, 2010


I'm so delighted to share this album cover finally. This is the biggest project i have done yet and i had the most incredible insight & assistance from VANJA. and Casey. It required the most vision i've put into a project which also meant the most time i've put into a project as well!

I'm going to do a detailed blog in the next couple weeks really picking apart the making of this record cover. There's a lot of photos we took while making it to add to it. BUT for now here is the cover and back.

GET to know some of my fav pals and their tunes HERE


We Three Zweigs said...

I am GREATLY looking forward to reading the steps behind this great piece.

Cara said...


probably some of my favorite work you've done so far. =)

Jon said...

this looks great Tommy! you're an inspiration.

The Body Electric said...

I cannot tell you enough how AMAZING THIS IS! Seriously fantastic. It makes me think of summers camping with my family when we were little. It just has that feel to it.