Sunday, June 13, 2010


My pal M Knight is having a HUGE birthday party this year. She's having pals from bands play, foto pals takin snaps, and all of this being at the Showbox Greenroom. For the space I think it's going to be crazy crammed by amazing people, looking forward to it.

M K wanted me to include musical notes/clouds for the poster to reflect the stage decorations. I stay far away from those elements usually, as well as hearts,skulls,lightning bolts, card symbols, etc. It was a challenge to try to find a way using those elements that I could agree upon. I decided to go with an old poster bill approach and stick to building a type structure layout first and then include the illustrated elements. I stuck to 2 colors for a letterpress hint and made them both a deep rich color. It was nice working on a piece that required a lot of text and structural play. Mind stretching!


Melissa said...

I think that the font you used, along with the color scheme, gives off an old circus feeling to the poster, as well. Interesting.

Katrina Ong said...

i see something on this poster that you need to call me about.. asap :P