Thursday, June 3, 2010


Paper Astronomer is doing a very special all acoustic show coming up. I don't know if I can share this or not, BUT Bruce & Abigail Gundersen MAY be joining them... PA can own both electric and acoustic sets. They toured with Garage Voice for 2 weeks strictly doing acoustic, did an album release show split acoustic/electric. The kids are versatile and I'm excited to see how they will flip this new record onto the acoustic side. For this piece I suggested an acoustic guitar with a moon eclipsing a light sun for some astronomy feel and for the sound hole.

I've been trying to change the venues name from being just on the poster to having an emblem/logo feel. I started doing this with Q Cafe pieces and now with 'Soul Food Books' I took a vintage publishing logo approach. This is one element of the poster design that I'm trying to refine to bring extra subtle differences.

You don't want to miss this show. It can be easy to skip a local artist show if they are playing often, been there for sure, but this is gonna be for the gums folks.


adam said...


Kimberly Loomis said...

'Sound hole' just hits my brain a way to describe ears, along the lines of 'pie hole' to describe one's mouth. I've been married to a guitar player for nearly a decade and didn't know that is what it was called. I always assumed it was something reverberational opening. :)

The piece is absolutely gorgeous!

Melissa said...

I really love this one... has such a great Mid Century Modern feeling to it.

I'm hoping I can get to that show.

TIP TOP said...

dang....these are fantastic!

ben said...

reminds me of simon page's work.