Monday, June 7, 2010


The small subtle sign outside

The beans I enjoy the most

A happy camper in San Fran's Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle has my favorite coffee in America so far. When we go thru San Fran I usually buy a bag or 2. This little bit below is about the coffee that I got from their site, it sounds high brow, it amuses and informs me. I just found out you can order from them! HUHZAH!

The Yirg is the most delicate of all Ethiopian coffees: the mint-julep-sipping younger sister to the burly, assertive Harrar, or the conniving Sidamo. At this roast-level (which we are calling medium-plus), much of the oven-cleanery aftertaste is eliminated, and what we are left with is a mild cocoa powder and vanilla bean flavor, with reasonably good body, and low but interesting acid. As it cools, hints of jasmine float delightfully to the surface. This is a coffee on the demure side: this organic Yirgacheffe is to hearty robust fudginess as Rickie Lee Jones is to impeccable diction. In spite of the above, it takes milk or cream reasonably well, and is best as a filter or French press.

Get some and Know em

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