Thursday, August 25, 2011

Noah Gundersen | ST Paul De Vence | Keving Long X NO THEFT

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I recently was hired by the talents of Noah Gundersen | St Paul De Vence | Kevin Long to do a poster featuring them all. I saw an old picture of a Las Vegas sign that had all this great geometric shapes / great type employed for each artist littered thru out, and in my head I saw this come together. After working on the Oh Dear! album cover my eyes have been open to using much more color, this deff. shows that growth. I wanted to include some close ups on this poster, I feel like each close up could be painted on a canvas in an old sign painter style.


jon kim said...

this is hands down my favorite of all the posters you've done! excellent work, my frang!

Karli said...

very impressive work!