Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garage Voice x NO THEFT

For awhile GV has been scheming on releasing a new site, a site that would be minimal, place high priority on single posts, and relate visually where we are going musically. We also wanted to be able to tell people exactly what we're doing with music and let that brand us, so we put 'GRIT, GOSPEL, & SPIRITUALS'. I also finally found a font I'm happy with to use with Garage Voice for awhile, its an old font used on old records from the 60's, I'm a big fan! So with our visual theme referring to the older nature of where we are going with our music we also decided to throw our names into the mix to match the old vinyl aesthetic of old Jazz/Blues/Gospel records.

After several attempts with genre / color / type, we all agreed on this! Bruce found this great accordion tab feature & did all the back end stuff with our friend Nate True, he's really developed a fine touch for Wordpress stuff, seriously, if you want someone to help redo your site into an easily manageable site, you need to get in touch with Bruce. Here are some screen caps of the site. Make sure to visit too!

We also brought the branding over into our bandcamp, its nice seeing similarity in both aye?


jennifer ▲ i art u said...

i love your site so much. really amazing work!

Eating for the Rest of Us said...

These are great posters. I feel like it is especially hard to combine photography and graphic work on the same page but the poster above looks amazing.