Saturday, January 30, 2010


Last Sabbath Vanja & I went on a walk thru Discovery Park. Paul & Carol joined us :D Paul took some snaps that made Vanja & I look SUPER GOOD ;D HA!

Sabbath is back and I have had a much easier time shutting my mind of things of design than I did last week. I'm learning so much being this busy. Thanks for everyone's patience and encouragement. I love you my friends!

When it comes to Sabbath Vanja is an excellent influence on me. At the start she likes to distinguish it by either a prayer, a song, a reading of the Psalm, something to signify the entrance of rest. She likes to have her house in order before the sun sets & to have groceries taken care of for Sabbath's meals. She is always more gracious than I, and if people come over and want to pick up something from the store she deters them insisting there will be enough. She keeps me accountable on having my thoughts and attentions on things of Heaven and at the end of Sabbath we'll have a prayer after we talk about what's on our hearts. She than says this short Croatian blessing for the rest of the week and IN Croatian. I'm still having a hard time trying to pronounce the words and how long have I known her? wild! None of these are religious rhetoric, just careful & thoughtful attention to how beautiful the short time we have to rest and do it in the presence of the Creator who knows our needs of Him and wants to take the time to fulfill them. I really appreciate all the above about Vanja.


Patrick said...

you two are great : )

TIP TOP said...

this is very sweet :)